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Advice on commercial water heater selection, maintenance and safety issues for businesses that rely on a steady supply of hot water.

dry air

Winter’s Wrath: Dry Air

Understanding how to manage dry air ensures you and your guests can remain healthy and happy.

For as beautiful as winter months in the Midwest are, there are a few pitfalls to the season. While we’re all aware that the cold weather outside can be frightful, inside where it’s warm and cozy has its drawbacks as well, primarily dry air.

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water purification

Water Purification: It’s a BIG Deal!

Have you ever stopped to consider exactly how water gets to your home and business?

Most of us have a vague understanding of pipes, water pumps and giant towers filled with water—but that’s just the beginning.Water intake plants are located at major water sources, such as rivers, lakes and dams. Water flows from its source into these plants and out through countless miles of pipes called aqueducts, which transport water almost everywhere.

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soft water

Soft Water: A Must For Commercial Water Heating

So don’t underestimate the value of soft water!

Many people underestimate the damage hard water can do to a commercial water heating system. City of Milwaukee water is considered only “moderately hard” by national standards; however, moderately hard is definitely not true soft water. And when we’re talking large commercial equipment use, we’re looking at major system problems. Because your commercial water heater is working constantly to provide your business with hot water at all times, it’s running through that hard water at a faster rate, causing damage to your equipment – and that means more money out of your pocket, both short- and long-term.

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