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Ensuring Your Property is Child-Safe

kid friendly

If you want to add “kid friendly” to the list of your property’s features, check out these tips for child safety.

In today’s rental market, every property should be safe for every age. There are many reasons why a rental property could attract families with children and the Fair Housing Act protects families with young children from discrimination when renting. There are a few easy steps a property manager can take to ensure the safety of all tenants, even the miniature ones.

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What Brings Children To A Property?

Is your property safe for kids? Learn these kid friendly safety tips!

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Any number of factors could bring families with children to your property. College kids renting near a campus could have younger siblings and family coming to visit big bro or sis for the weekend. Maybe your location is perfect for a staff member working at the school nearby with a family of their own. Amenities offered, like a pool, clubhouse, or game room, are in-demand features of popular rental spots in hip areas of a city and could provide some extra entertainment for our smaller friends. No matter what the reason, no property should be unwelcoming or unsafe to children tenants or visitors. If tenants or managers of a property make it a habit to encourage a child-free zone, the rental property might lose appeal even to those living there.

What Makes A Property Safe?

Security makes a property safe, as well as proper safety precautions. The location of the property makes all the difference. If the property is in a high crime rate area, is there adequate security on the property? Security cameras, working locks, and alarms are all helpful ways to lock down the safety of your tenants and their visitors.

Ensuring the grounds of your property meet standard safety requirements is another important factor that will help protect children from harm. Regular inspections of the landscaping and parking lot areas can help reduce injuries children could incur from playing on the property. Fallen branches, potholes, or severely cracked sidewalks could be dangerous to kids running around.

Make sure your hotel or other commercial property is kid friendly and safe!

Children’s Safety Sign” courtesy of Flickr user Elliot Brown licensed under CC by 2.0.

Additionally, all balconies and guardrails should be up to code and free of any faulty materials. This ensures the safety of not only children, but also tenants with balcony accessible units.

Pool safety is a huge factor in protecting children. Drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-4. Many of the incidents involving pool-related injuries on rental properties could be avoided with proper pool safety. This includes a reliable fence or barrier surrounding the pool and deck, as well as adequate locks on any entrances. Providing life preservers, a fully stocked first aid kit, and emergency contact information can save lives in case of an emergency. If an affordable option, on-duty lifeguards during pool hours will also ensure the safety of children and other occupants. Make sure rules are clearly posted in pool areas and that all regulations are followed at all times by grounds or management personnel.

Designated Play Areas Keep Children Occupied

While not all properties may have the space for children’s play areas, those that do have larger open grounds, backyards, or recreation centers have an opportunity to provide some kid friendly entertainment to keep them out of harm’s way. A playground with a jungle gym, swings, or a slide can keep kids occupied for hours while families or chaperones keep watch. Sandboxes, designated areas for sports activities, or courtyards with grass are some other options property managers can provide that are child-friendly and can be marketed as added bonuses for potential renters.

kid friendly

“kid’s playground” courtesy of Flickr user Matthias Mueller licensed under CC by 2.0.

Whether your target tenants are college millennials or retirees, your property should be marketable for all ages and family types. Injuries of any nature could bring trouble for a property owner if safe conditions are not provided for tenants and their guests. Taking the necessary steps to make a property kid friendly will also go a long way in making the current tenants of your rental units safer as well, and that is definitely of marketable value!

Is your property kid friendly? What kind of benefits have you seen from ensuring that kids have safe places to play on your property?

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