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The Season for Pale Ale Beer: Why Saison is The Perfect Summer Beer

So what is Saison? The modern saison beer is a pale ale known for high carbonation and light, refreshing taste. Spices and fruit accents are often mixed into the brewing processes to add light flavors in with the yeast. These light, effervescent beers provide excellent refreshment as the temperature climbs. With spring freshly finished and summer still full of hot, thirsty days, many breweries are rolling out their saison beers. Customers usually want something light and fun during the summer.

The key to this unique treat is the saison yeast and the creative additions to the brew. Saison beers are often where brewmasters experiment with unique tastes and ingredients. Saisons are also often bottle conditioned, adding to their simple farmhouse style by coming to their carbonation through additional yeast in the bottle. Saison craft beers are known for their fruit notes and unusual flavor elements, such as citrus, spices and other non-traditional components.

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High Gravity Beers – Risks and Rewards

What is a high gravity beer? High gravity beers are related, on a base level, to malt liquors. They share the same heavy characteristics, like high alcohol content and heavy taste. In the hands of a master brewer, however, it can create an intense experience for the consumer. High gravity beers are made to be flavorful savory beers meant to be sipped and paired with very specific food if possible.

The term comes from the original gravity, or OG, of a brewing mixture. Original gravity measures the fermentable and non-fermentable elements in a brewing mixture. A high gravity means there’s a lot for the yeast to consume. Plenty of food for the yeast means plenty of alcohol when the yeast has finished producing. Once the yeast has consumed all the grain, the gravity is measured again for final gravity. High gravity beers need a lot of ingredients to come together. Getting the balance right is tricky but brewers looking for a new challenge might want to take this one up.

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How to Add Year-Round Outdoor Dining to Your Restaurant

Most restaurants have some unused space on their grounds that can be considered for outdoor seating. Imagine if you’re able to utilize the spaces around you. Whether an empty lot or a courtyard out front, converting these areas into extra seating just takes a few sturdy tables and chairs for those great sunny day experiences. You might think the summer is the only time outdoor seating is useful, but those days of hope in the spring and last gasps of summer can still bring in customers and their dollars if you have a space ready to use.

Modern designs have expanded beyond patios to include rooftops, backyard-style areas and gardens where fresh ingredients are grown daily. People watching from a busy sidewalk provides an excellent outdoor experience, but being nestled away in the fresh air also has its appeal. People come to restaurants with a desire to explore and discover. A hidden patio surrounded by tall fences appeals to this desire, giving a sense to your customers that you’re not just offering great food but also a hidden world to complete their dining experience.

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Gluten-Free Brew: Benefits of Keeping Gluten Out Of Your Beer

Gluten free beer does exist. A rise in gluten-related disorders means more people are susceptible to damaging symptoms when consuming foods with gluten. Gluten is commonly found in common cereal grains, such as wheat and barley. Advances in brewing and ingredients have allowed brewmasters to serve this audience by offering new beers with the same tastes but without the awful side effects.

The Paleo Diet, as it’s popularly known, is a diet focused on eating only foods available to our earliest ancestors. Allowed foods include meats, nuts and berries, while this diet excludes foods requiring processing to create, including dairy and grains. Paleo followers believe modern processed foods have outpaced the human body’s ability to adapt and thus, have led to the rise in diseases such as obesity and heart disease. Gluten-free beers may have only been around for a few years, but they can still appeal to customers on this diet.

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Nitro or Cask Beer: What’s the Difference?

Nitrobrews are making beer better through science. The idea of crafting beer using nitrogen instead of carbon dioxide was first advanced by Guinness with their dark stouts giving Guinness its signature foamy head. Bottles of Guinness made using nitrogen in the process first came out in the 1960s, while cans didn’t arrive until the 1980s.

For many years, Guinness was the only nitro beer on the market, using nitrogen as a way to give its stouts their unique, creamy texture and taste. Then, Left Hand Brewing started a marketing campaign a few years ago claiming to be America’s Stout. Since then, other microbreweries have turned “nitrobrews” into a rapidly expanding category. Left Hand Brewing is even holding a Nitro Fest to highlight over 35 breweries that took inspiration from its creations.