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Food and Beverage & Food Manufacturing

Food Plant Sanitation Best Practices: Keep Your Customers Safe

If you’re running a food production facility, you know how vital food plant sanitation is to both your clients and your own company’s success.

You already know how bad the cost of contamination can be: recalls, lost money, time, and incalculable damage to your reputation. Review your food plant sanitation standards and continue to keep your customers (and business) safe.

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Breweries & Craft Brewing

What’s More American Than American-Style Lager?

For many beer drinkers, American-Style lager either means a delicious, all-American gold, or a craft beer snob’s beer you love to hate.

Whatever your opinion of American-Style lager beer, brewing a lager beer is a much different story than drinking one. American-style lager—a beer both fiercely loved and lamented by those who love-to-hate. All beer is either an ale or a lager, and lagers are, in fact, more challenging to brew than their ale counterparts. Considering the additional skill, time, and effort needed to brew a solid lager beer, why is there so much drama surrounding the American-style lager in particular?

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9 Great (and Realistic) Examples of Innovation in the Restaurant Business

Innovation in the restaurant business is an essential factor restaurateurs can leverage to their advantage.

An endless amount of genuinely inspiring ideas, concepts, and trends are woven into the very fabric of the restaurant industry and can be found in some of the most unsuspecting locations across the globe. With so many sources for restaurant ides available to find inspiration, there’s no limit to what your restaurant innovation can become. Check out these great examples of innovation in the restaurant business.

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Apartments & Property Management

The Pros & Cons of Offering On-Site Laundry Facilities

Apartment building owners will inevitably need to answer the question: “Do I offer on-site laundry facilities?”

There are many pros and cons to providing apartment laundry facilities on site, but how can you be sure that you’re making the right choice for your tenants… and your profits? Providing on-site laundry facilities can be a huge perk for renters. It’s an attractive amenity that makes your apartments more desirable to potential renters, saving them time and money while providing convenience.

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Boilers, Hot Water Equipment

Breaking Down the Boiler Room Part 1: Boiler Basics

Based on the name alone, the term boiler should naturally make people think of hot water.

Yet people are often surprised to learn we work with boilers too. Maybe it’s because boiler technology has been around for so long and used for many different things in various ways over time (like powering locomotive steam engines!), that it’s hard to believe a boiler can still be a relevant piece of equipment in modern boiler rooms. But it’s true, boilers can still be quite useful today, especially when placed in the right circumstances.

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water heating system
Boilers, Hot Water, Water Heater Sizing, Water Heaters

Indirect Water Heaters: A Boiler Briefing

Wondering about the difference between indirect water heaters and standard tank-type water heaters? It’s all about the boiler!

Your business needs hot water, and both a tank-type heater and an indirect water heating setup will have benefits and drawbacks. Adding an indirect tank to a heating boiler to create a “combination system” can provide extra power and save space, but a traditional water heater setup may create fewer headaches in the long run. We’ll run through some key factors to consider, including the main differences between the two systems to help you decide if your boiler should also work as part of your commercial water heating system.

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Senior Care Facilities & Senior Living

Sanitation in Nursing Facilities: What You Need to Know to Protect Residents

Sanitation is a big concern when it comes to elder care.

Surface sanitation and keeping the environment clean can go a long way toward patient health. Assisted living and nursing home communities provide long-term care for seniors with a variety of needs. Your nursing facility’s success comes from the lives you impact and care for, all while creating an atmosphere that is home to a community of people living out the late stages of their lives. Here are the guidelines you should follow to maintain proper cleanliness standards in your care facility.

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