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Looking to improve your restaurant’s dining experience? Try out these unique restaurant décor ideas to spruce up your space and attract new business!

5 Restaurant Décor Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

The look of your restaurant has a big impact on customers’ dining experience, the way they feel about your food, and the likelihood of repeat business.

As a restaurant owner, your food is critically important, but it’s the design components of your restaurant décor that truly make dining an experience that customers will remember. The ambiance of your dining room directly influences a customer’s impression of you. All the little elements, from the pictures on the wall to the light fixtures and paint colors, will contribute to the experience of your patrons. As a restaurateur, you already know the food and beverage industry is incredibly competitive and demanding; implement these great restaurant décor ideas to help you make a great impression.

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Quirky Hotels: What Hotel-Owners Can Learn from These Unique Spots

Trends in the hospitality industry continue to shift toward the eclectic as guests seek out new travel experiences.

With so many different lodging options available, customers are drawn to quirky hotels more than ever. Seeking a novel experience when booking a place for their extravagant vacation, relaxed staycation, or last-minute outing, the unique (and fun-to-share on social media) is appealing. From sustainable B&Bs to retro-themed lodges and underwater accommodations, quirky hotels create extraordinary memories to last a lifetime. Hoteliers everywhere can learn a great deal from these charming places to stay. Take wanderlust to the next level for your guests by learning more about every interesting aspect of these quirky hotels beating the competition.

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Need help creating a restaurant menu that’s both pretty and profitable? Use these tips to design beautiful menus worthy of your best dishes.

Design Tips for Creating a Restaurant Menu that Wows Your Customers

Here’s why you should put thought and effort into creating a restaurant menu that’s beautiful.

When patrons sit down, the first thing they look at is your menu. While you may be focused on the food, the atmosphere, and the excellent service, there’s a good argument for making a strong first impression. Think of a menu as an important piece of advertising that showcases your restaurant’s brand. Some menus are striking, eye-catching, and beautifully designed. Others are barely memorable. A menu only has a small window of time to make a big impact, so put effort into creating a menu that will wow your clientele and gets them excited about your food!

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How to Handle Bad Tenants: 5 Pieces of Advice for Landlords

Managing the regular needs of renters is demanding enough and bad tenants only add extra stress.

Building ownership means you’re on the clock 24/7. When a tenant needs something, you must answer the call. Bad tenants only contribute extra chaos and negativity into your jam-packed schedule. Spot the warning signs of bad tenants and learn the skills to handle difficult situations and you’ll see a great benefit your business and your surrounding “good” tenants. Understanding the right way to interact with bad tenants is vital to the success of your properties and the overall housing experience for your other renters. After all it only takes one bad apple, or in this case, bad tenant, to spoil the whole building.

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Ready to mix the drink menu up at your brewery? Serving an original milk stout beer is a great way to get customers in the door during cold winter months!

Milk Stout Beer: A Sweet Treat with Endless Flavor Options

A perfected milk stout beer recipe is a must-have beverage on your craft brewery menu!

Looking for a fun dessert drink or a new flavor to round out your craft brewery menu? Look no further than the milk stout beer. This beer is gaining in popularity thanks to delicious flavors that appeal to a wide variety of beer drinkers. If you’re ready to try something different in your brewing repertoire, here’s a case for trying your hand at brewing a creamy milk stout beer.

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6 Effective and Creative Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

The competition within the culinary industry is fierce!

It’s not always easy to come up with creative marketing ideas for restaurants. As a restaurant owner, you have a lot on your plate and marketing is just a small slice of your business. But it’s an important one that’s key to getting more customers in the door. If you’re looking for some effective and creative marketing strategies for your restaurant, here are 6 marketing ideas for restaurants that want to stay ahead of the curve.

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Airbnb vs. Hotel: Why Quality Hotels Continue to Outshine the Competition

The Airbnb vs. hotel debate is often a difficult choice for vacationers. Hotel owners should focus on these four areas to keep customers coming back.

Airbnb vs. hotel? It’s a hot topic among travelers and continues to change the approach of the hospitality industry. Airbnb allows hosts to rent out properties and rooms to guests. While this is an appealing option for some, it’s not without drawbacks. Hotels offer greater reliability, benefits, and amenities that vacation rentals simply can’t match. So, if you want to beat the Airbnb competition, here’s what you need to know to keep your vacancies low.

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Restaurant reviews are critical to the success of your business. Here are the best restaurant review sites, and why a good review matters.

6 Restaurant Review Sites Every Restaurant Owner Should Check

Feedback found on restaurant review sites can greatly hurt or help your business. Here is why a good review matters and which sites you should pay attention to.

Restaurant review sites influence diners and their opinion of you. In fact, 77% of customers care more about online reviews than they do about reviews from professional critics. With the culture of influencers and social media, an endorsement online can make or break your establishment. Word of mouth is no longer enough—you must pay attention to your online reputation. Here are the most popular restaurant review sites you should be checking out and why it’s so important.

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12 Months of Delicious Seasonal Beer & Food Pairings

Want to spice up the seasonal beer game at your brewery? These stellar food and brew pairing options will keep your customers coming back for more.

A top-notch seasonal beer selection is a fun way to attract new customers and keep your regulars happy. The best part about seasonal beer? The unique flavors often pair well with food. Try these appetizer, lunch, dinner, and dessert ideas to complement each brew on your menu. Remember, every seasonal beer has its own flavor profile and a great way to highlight those notes is with a delicious dish from your menu. Craft beer lovers that visit your brewery will appreciate your insight and suggestions on food and drink pairings!

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Did you know animals can significantly improve the lives of seniors? Here are 6 things to know about pet friendly assisted living facilities and how they make a difference.

Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Facilities Bring on Positive Benefits

Thinking of becoming a pet-friendly assisted living facility?

Pet-friendly assisted living facilities are among the top options recommended for seniors, thanks to many positive benefits. The positive impact of pet therapy, community pets, and other animal programs in nursing homes includes improved physical, mental, and social health for the seniors. Here are steps your facility can take today to foster a great environment for all your elderly residents.

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