No one likes a cold shower. Or complaints from unhappy tenants.


No one likes a cold shower. Or complaints from unhappy tenants.

Whether you own a single apartment building or manage a complex with hundreds of units and multiple buildings, hot water is a constant necessity throughout your property. When your apartment building water heater stops working and water runs cold, the phones start ringing. From angry tenants who need showers to disgruntled maintenance staff who can’t do their jobs. No hot water is no joke.

Whether your tenants start calling at 4 in the afternoon or 4 in the morning, Reliable Water Services provides 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week.

Commercial water heater sizing is no guessing game. [Learn more!] Only a trained and experienced technician can guarantee the proper water heating equipment for the job. A water heater service plan with Reliable Water Services ensures the property you manage or own always has the hot water it needs.

Our apartment building water heater service plans ensure downtime is minimized. When equipment fails—and it will—a single phone call sets the service process in motion. Trained water heater techs arrive quickly, armed with complete knowledge of water heating systems for apartments. Because our technicians already know what type of water heater(s) and/or boiler(s) are on site at your apartment building, they come equipt with the parts and tools they need to do the job. When you need a water heater replacement, new equipment is installed, usually within hours.

Keep capital costs in check and tenants happy with a predictable monthly rental agreement.

Coverage options include:

  • Premier Rental Plan: water heater rental + replacement with service contract
  • Standard 24/7 Service Plan on equipment you already own
  • Lease-to-Own Agreement

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