When a lack of hot water can shut the doors, every minute counts.

A restaurant without hot water is a restaurant that can’t stay open.

Restaurants have a lot riding on their water heaters. If the hot water’s down, the kitchen’s down, too. Most restaurants can’t keep their doors open without hot water. Can your restaurant run without hot water? Maybe you can limp along for awhile, but is it worth the risk? When your restaurant’s water heater breaks down, a long delay looking for a replacement can mean significant lost revenue and even a hit to your reputation. Productivity decreases significantly, quality can suffer, and your staff cannot do their jobs.

Commercial water heater rental and replacement from Reliable Water Services limits downtime, so your restaurant can always run at full-speed.

Reliable Water Services contracts with local restaurateurs to ensure you always have the hot water you need to stay in business and up to code. Our clients know that when equipment fails—and it will—a single phone call sets the service process in motion. Trained water heater technicians arrive quickly, and because they already know what equipment is on site, they have the required parts and tools in tow. In cases when repair isn’t possible, new water heating equipment is installed, typically within hours.

We service and rent commercial water heaters and water heating equipment for restaurants. Why rent a commercial water heater? It makes sense for your restaurant! [Learn more!]

When a lack of hot water can shut the doors, every minute counts.

If you already lease your dishwasher or any other commercial kitchen equipment, you know how important it is to keep it up and running at all times. Your commercial water heater should be treated the same way. Without hot water, your operations can grind to a halt. With a Reliable rental service plan, your hot water equipment is covered in the case of a water heater emergency.

If you’re building, expanding or renovating your restaurant, we can help determine the most efficient water heating equipment for your space.

Coverage options include:

  • Premier Rental Plan: water heater rental + replacement with service contract
  • Standard 24/7 Service Plan on equipment you already own
  • Lease-to-Own Agreement

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