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Bedbugs are terrible little creatures that wreak havoc wherever they infest. Usually found in mattresses, bedbugs take up residence and survive by biting and feeding off blood. At first, a bedbug infestation is hard to detect. Not everyone displays the signs of bedbug bites – which are usually small, red, itchy, raised dots on the skin in areas like arms, legs, feet and ankles. Bedbugs can also live in the walls, floorboards, surrounding furniture, and carpets of rooms. Often, hotels, motels, and other temporary residences are most susceptible to a bedbug infestation because of the frequency of travelers and patrons coming in and out from different places. There are many different ways to take care of a bedbug infestation but the most important factor is to take care of it quickly before the infestation spreads. Hotels must target the room where the infestation started and treat it first with specialized pest bombs, sprays, and other chemical treatments that kill bedbugs and their eggs. Don’t let a bedbug infestation ruin the reputation of your hotel! Be aware of the signs of infestation and take quick measures to rid your hotel of these nasty little creatures.

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