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Booster heaters take hot water to the next level. Useful in commercial operations that require hotter water temperatures like sanitizing, industrial laundry, cleaning, or food and beverage manufacturing, booster heaters allow for hot water equipment to raise water temperatures above the average 120 to 140-degree range that is necessary for more routine commercial hot water operations.

Booster heaters are common in either electric or gas units. When choosing which unit is best for your business, keep in mind the hot water capacity that your business needs on daily operations and also code requirements for water temperatures and usages. Water intended for human use, such as for bathing, washing, or cooking, should never be heated to higher than 140 degrees, otherwise you risk causing burns to your customers. Booster heaters are most effective for commercial operations that require higher water temperatures.

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Booster Heaters: Electric or Gas?

Last week on The Boiler Room, we talked about using booster heaters for hot HOT water warewasher sanitation vs. chemical sanitation without a booster heater.

Do you need a booster heater for your restaurant or other commercial establishment? You can read all about it here: To Boost or Not To Boost?

Now let’s talk electric booster heaters vs. gas booster heaters. I’m inclined to suggest you go with a gas booster heater for your restaurant, hotel, or other commercial enterprise. Here’s why…

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To Boost or Not to Boost?

If you want to go with the high-temp warewasher, a booster heater is for you.

In the business we like to avoid using the common (albeit misguided) term “hot water heater.” We prefer plain ol’ water heater. Why? Because “hot water heater” is redundant. Think about it: you don’t need to heat already hot water; you need to heat regular tap water. Get it?

But there’s one situation where “hot water heater” actually makes sense: when we’re talking booster heaters. Booster heaters “boost” already heated water (between 120°F and 140°F) all the way up to that 180°F your restaurant or other commercial application needs to sanitize without the use of chemicals.

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