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The midwest, and especially Milwaukee, is best known for our beer brewing skills and history. Breweries are constantly opening in our city – and all over the world – coming up with new and innovative brewing techniques to create the next big idea in beer making. Despite the vast differences and variety of beers, brewing techniques, and breweries – what is one thing that ALL breweries have in common? The need for hot water. Most breweries operate at a high capacity and need access to a large amount of hot water at any given time. If a brewery’s hot water supply goes down, there’s no other choice than to shut down production, which will greatly impact daily operations of any brewery. To make sure that your brewing process is not hindered by lack of hot water, make sure that your brewery is covered – 24/7 – with hot water assurance. Reliable Water Services works directly with brewery engineers and brewmasters to determine individual brewery’s hot water needs. RWS wants to assure every brewmaster than their daily operations don’t have to be compromised in case their hot water heaters fail – and they WILL fail. RWS provides 24/7 emergency service response times in the case of a hot water emergency. So you’re always covered. At Reliable Water Services, we know you take your beer very seriously. We’ve got you covered!

high gravity beers trappist beer lineup
Breweries & Craft Brewing

High Gravity Beers – Risks and Rewards

High gravity beers are the one-of-a-kind brew you’ve been searching for.

High gravity beer provides a playground of elements for craft brewers. Some brewers enjoy the challenge of balancing ingredients to break into new beer categories, while others revel in experimenting with add-ins to create unique tastes. The latest trend that’s catching the fancy of mad brewing scientists is “big beers,” a.k.a. high gravity beers. These high-alcohol beers feature distinct flavors establishing the style as a leader amongst craft ale. This complex beer is a fun challenge to brew and an impressive addition to your unique brew offerings.

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Gluten-Free Brew: Benefits of Keeping Gluten Out Of Your Beer

Why make should breweries begin brewing craft gluten-free beer? Read more to find out!

The variety of beers available at pubs and restaurants expands every month. Many places not only carry different types of beer but also specialty beers made out of special ingredients. A wide selection of beers satisfies the palates of a wider variety of customers. Not every customer wants the same thing. Some customers wish to balance going out to eat with their healthy living choices. Gluten-free beer falls under this category, thanks to a growing awareness of dietary restrictions. Some restaurants now carry gluten-free beer to court these new diners and drinkers.

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Understanding Taproom Laws in Your Area

The taproom can be the key to expanding your brewery in new and exciting ways.

Smart brewers know that the more people that taste a product, the more customers they’ll have. Finding ways to get your beer in glasses is one of the hardest parts of running a beverage business. Many breweries have gone the direct route by establishing brewpubs where consumers can dine and drink on the property – like a couple of our favorites, Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee and Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co. in Indianapolis. For those who can’t commit to the time and effort, the taproom has become an excellent way to directly sell your brews to your customers. Educating yourself on their history as well as what you need to do to open one can help you get paid by your customers and take out some of the middle men.

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