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If your business uses a commercial water heater, you know that sometimes water heaters fail and your customers, tenants, patrons, and employees need hot water – fast. Reliable Water Service is the upper Midwest’s best choice for commercial water heater service. Commercial water heaters function at high capacities and provide hot water for hundred of people on a daily basis. Businesses that use a commercial water heater cannot afford to have them fail and not have hot water for their patrons. Reliable Water Services provides water heater equipment rentals, service plans, and more for Southeastern Wisconsin, Indiana, and other areas of the upper midwest. RWS blog posts give information about commercial water heaters, water heater needs, maintenance, money and energy saving tips, and more from trained industry professionals.

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Indirect Water Heaters: A Boiler Briefing

Wondering about the difference between indirect water heaters and standard tank-type water heaters? It’s all about the boiler!

Your business needs hot water, and both a tank-type heater and an indirect water heating setup will have benefits and drawbacks. Adding an indirect tank to a heating boiler to create a “combination system” can provide extra power and save space, but a traditional water heater setup may create fewer headaches in the long run. We’ll run through some key factors to consider, including the main differences between the two systems to help you decide if your boiler should also work as part of your commercial water heating system.

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How To Ensure Your Water Heater Never Goes Down

How great would it be if your business never experienced downtime due to a broken water heater?

That’s where water heater redundancy comes in. So what does it mean to have redundancy in your water heating system?

No, we’re not talking about the phrase “hot water heater,” though that’s definitely an example of redundancy! In this case, water heater “redundancy” essentially means having one or more backup water heaters in place that are configured to work automatically in case one (or more) of your water heater(s) fail.

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