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Equipment damage prevention may not be at the top of the to-do list for all business owners, but staying on top of maintenance can save money and headaches!

Equipment with small motors often requires seasonal maintenance, because these items are generally put into storage for winter and then brought out again in spring. After a busy season mowing the lawn, cutting wood or moving earth your lawnmowers, lawn tractors and chainsaws will need to be cleaned and stored away. Then in spring, after sitting all winter, you’ll want to prepare those same pieces of equipment for the hard working days of spring and summer!

Some good procedures for winter storage are to either drain the gas, or to add a stabilizer to the fuel tank. Also, make sure to clean any dirt or grime that might be clinging to the machine or it’s underside. The dirt can contribute to rust or other deterioration. Also, make sure to lubricate joints, check spark plugs, sharpen blades and do an overall inspection of the equipment. In the springtime all of these things can be done again – but if you’ve done a great job in the fall very little will need to be replaced! Except for the fuel of course.

outdoor equipment maintenance
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How To Winterize Outdoor Machines & Equipment


Spend a few hours winterizing your expensive outdoor equipment to make it last longer and perform better. Save money and avoid costly repairs with these maintenance tips.

Does your business have green space to maintain? Whether it’s a simple front lawn or a complex landscape design, there’s a good chance you are using some type of machinery to keep the grass and other vegetation looking trimmed and tidy. When winter approaches, don’t forget that those outdoor machines require extra attention before storing them for the season. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in ensuring they are working properly when you need them again in spring!

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