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Gardens can make a beautiful and functional addition to your restaurant, outdoor patio, retirement facility or apartment complex. Commercial property owners with sustainability on their minds will love the options available when it comes to these innovative additions, and guests, customers and residents may each enjoy your creative take on gardening. The possibilities are plentiful and include a rooftop garden, an on-site restaurant garden or a community garden in your commercial residential facility.

Hoping to spruce up your year round outdoor dining patio? Consider planting flowers, vegetables or herbs for use at your restaurant. Hoping to reduce restaurant food waste? A small plot can be an easy place to start and utilize an on-site compost pile. Property managers looking to increase sustainability and build a greener community should consider a garden addition and encourage tenant involvement. Retirement facilities that are already participating in holistic health care can increase their offerings by adding a healing garden for their residents.


holistic healthcare
Industry News & Tips, Senior Care Facilities & Senior Living

Holistic Health and Wellness for Senior Care

You’re already running a healthcare center staffed with medical professionals.

Your caregivers and team members assist residents above and beyond the call of duty. So, how can you take the next step in healthcare excellence? To attract more residents, consider incorporating holistic health activities and programs to improve what’s already available at your facility.

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year-round outdoor dining
Food and Beverage & Food Manufacturing, Restaurants

How to Add Year-Round Outdoor Dining to Your Restaurant

Everyone loves outdoor dining in the summer, but outdoor dining can boost your traffic all year long.

Eating outdoors (aka “dining al fresco”) is one of the simple pleasures of the restaurant patron experience. Food tastes better and drinks go down easier in the fresh air. For restaurant owners in the Midwest facing winter weather, it’s tough to weigh the cost-to-benefit ratio of setting up a space for a few months out of the year. Yet, with some smart strategies, it’s possible to create a comfortable patio, diners will enjoy with or without cooperation from Mother Nature.

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rooftop garden building near ocean bay
Industry News & Tips, Restaurants

How To: Start a Rooftop Garden

Never forget that innovation is the key to success.

Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant or apartment building, or if you just want to be more environmentally conscientious, starting a rooftop garden provides tons of benefits for your business, your community, your building structure and the environment. Green roofs are increasingly becoming a popular concept for an overwhelmingly wide variety of reasons.

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on-site restaurant garden edison light bulb fixture
Energy Savings & Money Savings

From Roof to Restaurant: Starting an On-site Restaurant Garden

The benefits to building a green roof or on-site farm are clear.

If you run a local restaurant, chances are you’re looking to increase your profits while decreasing costs, draw in more customers and build local support from the residents in your neighborhood. Advertising is expensive and only goes so far. An exclusive, healthy and delicious menu is ideal, but the costs associated with this add up quickly.

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