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benefits of booster heaters
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To Boost or Not to Boost?

If you want to go with the high-temp warewasher, a booster heater is for you.

In the business we like to avoid using the common (albeit misguided) term “hot water heater.” We prefer plain ol’ water heater. Why? Because “hot water heater” is redundant. Think about it: you don’t need to heat already hot water; you need to heat regular tap water. Get it?

But there’s one situation where “hot water heater” actually makes sense: when we’re talking booster heaters. Booster heaters “boost” already heated water (between 120°F and 140°F) all the way up to that 180°F your restaurant or other commercial application needs to sanitize without the use of chemicals.

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What is a water heater circulating pump? Reliable Water Service tips on why your business can benefit from a circ pump. Save money, faster service, & more.
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Circ Pumps: Keeping Your Business in (Reliable) Hot Water

Do you have to run your faucet for a while, just waiting for the hot water you need to run your restaurant? Do your hotel guests complain it takes too long for the hot water tap to warm up?

There could be a number of reasons for this hot water problem. Assuming your equipment is sized correctly, an examination by a trained water heater technician might reveal a relatively simple solution: adding a circulating pump to your commercial hot water system.

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