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Does your business need hot water fast?

Many businesses including hotels, salons, breweries and manufacturing facilities can’t function well without a critical supply of consistent hot water. If you’re business is in this boat, one important move might be to consider water heater rental. Water heaters are expensive, and renting allows you to avoid the unpleasant upfront costs. Also, when you rent through the folks at Reliable Water Services, your installation is often free. (Another costs eliminated.) Additionally, rental plans come with great service coverage which means your business is never without the hot water you need. If your equipment goes down your rental plan give you access to 24 hour coverage and repair technicians!

Another item to consider in the hot water world is something called a circulating pump, or a circ pump as it’s known in the business. Circ pumps keep hot water circulating constantly throughout the piping in your business, so you don’t experience a delay in hot water coming out of your faucets. This keeps salon customers and hotel guests happy, and everyone else who needs access to hot water fast.

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Why Would Anyone Rent a Water Heater?

With so many great reasons to rent, why wouldn’t you make this choice?

When people ask us, “What does your company do?” the short answer is easy to sum up in two words – HOT water! But those words don’t wholly explain the full spectrum of the services we offer here at Reliable. Specifically, Reliable Water Services rents commercial water equipment – water heaters, boilers, softeners, and more – to businesses that need it. These businesses often include companies in the hospitality and service industry, such as restaurants, senior living facilities, hotels, breweries, and apartment buildings. The question typically following this explanation is, “Why would anyone rent a water heater?”

To answer, we say, “Why would anyone not rent a water heater?” Here are the reasons why in the commercial world, water heater rental is the way to go!

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What is a water heater circulating pump? Reliable Water Service tips on why your business can benefit from a circ pump. Save money, faster service, & more.
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Circ Pumps: Keeping Your Business in (Reliable) Hot Water

Do you have to run your faucet for a while, just waiting for the hot water you need to run your restaurant? Do your hotel guests complain it takes too long for the hot water tap to warm up?

There could be a number of reasons for this hot water problem. Assuming your equipment is sized correctly, an examination by a trained water heater technician might reveal a relatively simple solution: adding a circulating pump to your commercial hot water system.

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