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Hotel owners always need to be on top of hotel safety issues – particularly when it comes to the pool area. Pools are of course a draw for guests and a popular place, so make sure yours is up to code! NSF International is the agency that certifies pools nationwide, and their website provides a list of standards and regulations for pool owners to follow in order to be in full compliance with laws.

Additionally, remember the most important rule of pool safety and never leave a child unattended at a pool. Having proper enclosures, well-posted signage and sturdy, functional railings in good condition are all part of making a pool more child-friendly and safe.

Your employees should also be trained on any pool safety regulations and requirements, so that they can be on the lookout for any issues or problems. These employees should also be trained on proper chemical levels for the pool and CPR in case of an emergency.

Ever wonder if the hotel safety and security measures taken at your establishment are enough? Here are 5 effective ways to keep both your guests and your employees safe.
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Hotel Safety and Security: 5 Ways to Keep Guests Protected

Protect your guests and your business from trouble by establishing strong hotel safety and security procedures.

When guests book with you, they’re expecting a high level of hotel safety and security. After all, patrons are entrusting you with the well-being of themselves and their loved ones, in addition to the protection of their belongings. Precautions like extra secure room keys and peephole covers are the minimum when it comes to security but it’s the hotels who go above and beyond that really stand out. Guests sleep easy knowing hotel safety and security is a top priority for you and your staff. Keep your guests free from harm and satisfied with their experience with these safety tips.

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hotel safety issues
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How Hotel Operators Can Prevent Pool Injuries

Regardless of intent, proper pool safety is a must for hotel operators.

The pool is one of the biggest attractions that lures guests to a hotel. A pool might be part of your fitness area, allowing travelers to keep up with their workouts, or it might be a family space, allowing parents and kids a place to splash away, even if rainy days change vacation agendas. Regardless of intent, proper pool safety is a must for hotel operators—not just to protect your establishment from bad experiences and bad reviews, but also to protect you from liability issues. Taking steps to ensure safe pool operation ahead of time frees up resources for serving guests and ensuring their experiences are the kind they’d like to repeat.

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