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Need ideas for apartments? Own commercial property? Considering providing furnished apartments or changing your stance on pet-friendly policies?

Let’s tackle furnished apartments first. Furnished apartments can appeal to college students who may not want to move or purchase furniture. This perk can also be good for travelers who are on the go a lot and not wanting to settle down. Providing a furnished apartment can really take the stress out of moving and might attract more clientele. On the other hand, this type of apartment may also attract renters who want a short lease which might not be something you look for in a tenant. Also, covering the cost of furniture is an additional expense – however trick is to purchase used pieces second hand and utilize slip covers to keep pieces looking good.

Another way to get more tenants in your building is to consider allowing pets. Pet owners are often responsible people who have proven that they can handle additional responsibility like caring for a living thing. They will also often pay a bit more to be able to have their furry friends around. Consider building in a maintenance or cleaning fee for pet owners to cover costs of incidentals.

furnished apartments
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Furnished Apartments: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Is the extra money and effort it takes to furnish an apartment worth the work?

Property owners often make tough decisions as to what perks they offer their renters. For many years, utilities-included rental options (heat, energy and water) were a competitive advantage. Nowadays, additional specialized markets have arisen to address more specific renter needs (like small-space studios), so property owners must adapt and offer new services to fit these changing market needs. One such marketplace is fully furnished apartments. Some renters don’t want the hassle of moving furniture into an apartment or worrying about choosing décor. Others have temporary situations, like work or school, which makes a fully furnished apartment very appealing. But is the the extra money and time it takes to furnish an apartment worth it for landlords?

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