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Landscaping is a great addition to any hotel, apartment building, senior living facility or other commercial property. Learn tips for best practices along with some new ideas.

Putting your new landscape plan in place, and maintaining it throughout the year will require a few equipment and tools, some of which may need occasional maintenance. Small motors and engines need to be winterized for storage in fall and prepped again for use in the springtime. This process includes draining fuel and checking parts.

In spring, it’s important to take advantage of early warm weather to clean up the outdoor area, prune, weed, mulch, transplant your plants and fertilize before the season really gets going. Spring is a great time to improve sustainable practices in your landscaping as well. Adding a rain barrel or two provides a simple, low cost way to catch free water that can be used to irrigate your gardens. This way you can reduce your water usage which can be a big expense! Other sustainable landscape ideas include a community garden (depending on your space and business) and making an effort to choose native plants when possible in your design.

When pests become a problem, and they might, begin by identifying your particular pest whether it’s an insect or a mammal. Then consider calling on a professional for help!

outdoor equipment maintenance
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How To Winterize Outdoor Machines & Equipment


Spend a few hours winterizing your expensive outdoor equipment to make it last longer and perform better. Save money and avoid costly repairs with these maintenance tips.

Does your business have green space to maintain? Whether it’s a simple front lawn or a complex landscape design, there’s a good chance you are using some type of machinery to keep the grass and other vegetation looking trimmed and tidy. When winter approaches, don’t forget that those outdoor machines require extra attention before storing them for the season. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in ensuring they are working properly when you need them again in spring!

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how to harvest rainwater with rainwater barrels
Energy Savings & Money Savings

Easy Rainwater Harvesting: Rain Barrels

Learning how to harvest rainwater is the perfect way to do your part in helping the environment – and save money!

Spring is almost here, which means it’s time to start thinking about landscaping again. I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase “April showers bring May flowers”. Well, we are going to help you use those showers to save money and water. We’ll focus on how to harvest rainwater and create a more sustainable way (for your yard and your wallet) to landscape using rain barrels.

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spring landscaping
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Lawn Care and Landscaping Maintenance:
Tips for Spring

Not only will spring lawn care and landscaping help you to get a major head start on your outdoor projects, it will also help to ease the overall workload for the entire year!

With spring almost upon us, it’s  time to start thinking about how to prep your lawn for spring and get your landscaping in shape for summer. Sure, there’s a lot to do, but with proper planning, timing and a little landscaping maintenance you can create a beautiful and attractive environment that can help make your business stand out from the crowd. Before you get started on any other  outdoor projects, there’s some spring clean up you can do first to help make this year’s lawn care and landscaping maintenance go far more smoothly.

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outdoor social area with 2 lawn chairs encourages sustainable communities
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Building a Green Community: Cultivating Tenant Buy-In

The benefits of a sustainable community will be noticeable to both your tenants and to you, as property owners/managers.

If you’re anything like us, you’re thinking about the future—about sustainability, responsibility and community. As an environmentally aware apartment/condo owner or manager, you’re doing your best to up your sustainable community and reduce your building’s carbon footprint.

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commercial pest control truck
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Invasion! Commercial Pest Control

As much as we don’t like to admit it, we must share our living and working spaces with all aspects of nature, including those we refer to as Pests.

Silently, stealthily they approach. They creep in through your foundation. They find their way in through seams in the windows. They come up from drain pipes, wriggle under doors and make nests anywhere they can dig in. They’re creepy, crawly, hairy and slimy. Some sting. Some bite. Some destroy everything from electrical wiring to structural support. They make our lives difficult. We want to avoid them, but they don’t always want to avoid us. If left unchecked, they can slowly destroy our homes, buildings, and businesses.

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landscaping tips monster plant
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The Landscaping Monster: Lurking Everywhere

This year is your year to keep that Landscaping Monster off your property—for good!

Monsters aren’t real, right? When you’re alone in the basement and the lights suddenly go off, there’s no need to fear something might grab you from behind. That would be illogical. Yet the goosebumps still come, and we find ourselves suddenly more alert. You think, I must get somewhere safe! Who knows what you’ll find in the dark? Or what will find you…

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