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Keeping up with market trends is important for businesses such as breweries and restaurants, but can also be helpful for commercial property and senior living facility owners.

For breweries, current trends include making your brewery more sustainable with clean energy technology and being smart about by-products. Sierra Nevada and New Belgium are two well-known breweries who are big on sustainability. Trends in Midwestern brewing include a range of both pale ales and Imperial stouts – two  delicious beers for almost any occasion. One more current brewing trend is the debate between cask and nitro – which was produces a more delicious beer? Both offer ways to expand your breweries offerings.

One popular market trends for restaurants these days is the food truck. There are many pros and cons associated with this trend so do your research before hopping on the food truck bandwagon! With technology making food delivery services easier than ever before, restaurants may benefit from putting effort into their to-go options. Green roofs, rooftop gardens and wine on tap are all trending now.

In the commercial property world, renters are looking for well-outfitted and convenient studio apartments. Consider downsizing appliances and adding shelving for more renter appeal. And Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities let seniors live the life they want into old age!

difference between nitro and cask beer deschutes beer flight
Breweries & Craft Brewing, Food and Beverage & Food Manufacturing

Nitro or Cask Beer: What’s the Difference?

Let’s take a look at both and see where the differences make things interesting.

Bars and breweries have plenty of options to deliver delicious brews. Bottles and cans get shipped to stores. Taprooms bring fresh kegs of new brews direct to thirsty masses. The trusty CO2 tap can be found in nearly every tavern across the world, but there are other ways to deliver unique flavors at a brewery. One method, nitro beer, uses nitrogen in the carbonation of their beers rather than the traditional carbon dioxide. The other, cask beers, brings back the brewing tradition of cracking a cask of beer and drinking it during the prime of its life. Is one better than the other?

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Energy Savings & Money Savings

From Roof to Restaurant: Starting an On-site Restaurant Garden

The benefits to building a green roof or on-site farm are clear.

If you run a local restaurant, chances are you’re looking to increase your profits while decreasing costs, draw in more customers and build local support from the residents in your neighborhood. Advertising is expensive and only goes so far. An exclusive, healthy and delicious menu is ideal, but the costs associated with this add up quickly.

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Food and Beverage & Food Manufacturing, Industry News & Tips, Restaurants

Behind the Bar: The Modern Trend of Wine on Tap

A new trend is sweeping the nation, and we can guarantee that you’re going to want to hear about this!

A bar should be an inviting place where people want to spend their time. They want to enjoy themselves enough to spend some of their hard-earned cash at your restaurant or bar establishment. We know. You get it. That’s great and all, but there is a big difference between a friendly neighborhood watering hole and your competition across the street that offers all you do, plus the conveniences of a 21st century establishment.

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