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In need of money saving tips for restaurants? Are you looking to reduce your levels of food waste? How about making sure you are getting the most out of your to-go and delivery segments of your business?

Reducing food waste can happen with a few simple tips. Designate a staff member to keep tabs on waste in the front and back of house. How much is being thrown out and where? Then adjust accordingly. Don’t buy in bulk if you are throwing out unused food. Organize your freezers and coolers so the oldest items are always used first. Improvise with ingredients you have on hand for specials, and keep tabs on the portion control! Lastly, donate unused food to charity or consider partnering with a local farm to take some organic waste off your hands.

To have the best pick up and delivery possible, and make money doing it, be sure to use the best technology platform available. People want to be able to order from their computer and on their smartphone. Be sure the items on your to-go menu are easy to make quickly. The less involved the better – think about what you would offer if you were running a food truck. Lastly, have an efficient system for the point of transfer. Customers don’t want to wait longer than the given amount of time for to-go orders, nor do they like a lot of confusion when picking up. Make it simple! Good luck making use of these money saving tips for restaurants!

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Reducing Restaurant Food Waste: 9 Tips for Food Waste Solutions

Smart restaurant owners can use these great tips to address the problem of food waste and reduce the amount of product that ends up in the dumpster out back.

Restaurant food waste comes from several sources. It may be food that spoils because it’s been in your kitchen too long. It may be food that drops on the floor and becomes unsanitary to serve. It may be food that your customers send back, either uneaten or as scraps of a satisfying meal. Whatever the source, reducing food waste will improve several parts of your business. It saves you money, gives back to the community and can even bring in some good press for a new restaurant or a rebranding.

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