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Motels, hotels and owners of commercial properties will all want to read this article on stopping bed bugs in their tracks, as well as how to handle infestations in an eco-friendly manner.

All staff should be trained to spot the first signs of bed bugs on the premise. In order to properly check for bed bugs, all linens need to be removed from mattresses and each nook and cranny of the bed and headboard should be thoroughly checked. The space around the bed, up to 15 feet in all directions, also needs to be surveyed. Bed bugs can hide under or behind almost anything in the room, and are right at home in furniture or closets.

If an infestation does occur in your motel or hotel seek professional help. Two eco-friendly measures are thermal remediation, which will crank up the heat and sweat out the bugs, and the use of cryonite – a treatment that freezes the bedbugs by bringing the temp down to -110 Fahrenheit. One of these two options can get rid of these terrible pests!

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