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Heard about the MythBusters water heater video? Yes, it is true – the show MythBusters did prove that a water heater can and will explode – launching itself like a rocket straight through the roof of a house. And yes, this could happen in your business or commercial residential setting.

The cause of steam and pressure build up inside a water heater unit is usually caused by a faulty T&P (temperature and pressure) valve. If the valve is blocked, plugged or otherwise damaged it simply cannot release adequate pressure and the unit becomes pressurized – potentially resulting in an explosion. A simple and easy way to check your T&P valve is with the “lift test” – simply lift the lever and water should come out easily onto the floor. If you have reason to suspect that your T&P valve is not functioning properly, please call a trained water heater technician today. Do not leave this to any maintenance person or plumber – be sure they know what they are doing when it comes to water heater technology!

exploding water heater
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Your Water Heater Can EXPLODE! Mythbusters, Revisited

Mythbusters confirmed it. Everything you need to know about exploding water heaters!

Hot water is as simple as turning on a faucet—it’s a basic part of living as a human being in the developed world. It hasn’t always been that easy though. Before the modern standard of water heating units in every building and home, hot water was considered a luxury; it was not a necessity, nor a standard. Happily for us modern folk, hot water is readily available and no longer a luxury.

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