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Looking for a nursing home or assisted living home for a parent or a loved one is a task that should never be taken lightly. Entrusting healthcare professionals with the care of those we love most is a leap of faith many families have to take as their loved ones age. Finding a nursing home that has all of the desirable features that your parent or loved one wants or needs is something that requires a lot of research, time, and effort. So what are some desirable traits to look for in an assisted care facility or nursing home?

Most importantly, location is on the top of the list. A facility in a nice, desirable location is a must – some families might want to be close to their loved one so they can visit. Amenities is another key feature. Does the facility have on-site healthcare services, like full-service doctors offices, therapy offices, and a pharmacy? Are there activities and support groups for community wellness? Do they have a fitness center? These are all features that give a nursing home or care facility extra appeal. Equally as important as location is the care staff – are they kind, attentive? Do they treat residents with respect and dignity, like family? Are they licensed, well-trained, and are there enough staff to care for the number of residents?  These are just a few of the key things to look for in an assisted living facility or nursing home for your loved ones. You want any facility to treat your loved one as you would – like family. Take time to research your options!

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Senior Care Facilities & Senior Living

What Do The Best Retirement Homes Offer?

Finding a community that meets your expectations or fits your loved one’s lifestyle means taking the first step to get informed.

When the time comes to choose a retirement home for your loved one, you want nothing but the best. There are many options for senior care these days, each providing different advantages for people who value different things. Talking to your loved ones about what they want is an excellent first step. Discussing the options presented here is a good way to start the conversation.

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5 Key Qualities People Look for in Assisted Living Facilities

If you work in an assisted living facility, review these five qualities to determine how well your facility stacks up.

Seeking out a quality assisted living facility for a loved one can be an overwhelming process. Whether the loved one requires additional care for safety or medical reasons, when the time comes, choosing the right facility can be difficult. Figuring out where to even start can be daunting. The more information that can be pulled together will ensure an informed decision. These five elements make up an assisted living checklist that will ease the process of deciding on the right facility to meet the family’s needs. Alternately, if you work in an assisted living facility, it’s equally important to be familiar with these five qualities and how well your facility stacks up.

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