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Pipe leak got you down? Worried it might be something worse, like a slab leak? Wondering what the correct steps are to take in the world of preventative plumbing maintenance?

A slab leak is a leak that occurs in the piping located underneath the concrete slab of your business or home. Signs of a problem include hearing running water when all the water is turned off, cracks in the foundation or concrete, sudden high water bills and wetness on or near the floor. There are many causes including improper installation. If you suspect a slab leak, call a company that specializes in this issue and they will use one of several non-destructive detection methods. Repairs include spot repair, re-pipe or reroute, in-place pipe coating or PEX replacement.

To prevent pipe leak occurring above ground, consider making routine plumbing maintenance a part of your crews weekly duties. They can keep an eye on fixtures, faucets, pipes and clogged places. Also, be sure to have a good, qualified plumber on hand that you trust for those jobs that go beyond what your maintenance crew can do.

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Proactive Plumbing Maintenance Tips To Prevent Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

Preventative plumbing maintenance is the first step to avoiding the worst problems.

Plumbing problems are a fact of life—they’re going to happen, no matter what. You have one of two options: wait for problems to manifest and try to deal with the unexpected expenses (and headache), or you can be proactive about your plumbing.

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Slab Leaks: A Costly Problem

Don’t let a slab leak get the best of you! Early detection is key to preventing further damage.

A slab leak, also known as a foundation leak or concrete slab leak, is a plumbing industry term for a leak within the waterline piping below the concrete floor of your home or business. Slab leaks are an issue in homes and buildings of all ages, and can quickly become a very costly problem. Not only does a slab leak waste an excessive amount of water, but a leaking pipeline system can quickly cause damage to the foundation of your home or business, not to mention compromise your entire structure.

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