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Wondering how to reduce water costs in your hotel or residential commercial property building?

The majority of water used is probably in the restrooms, so a great place to start is by replacing as many of your existing toilets with low-flow models, and installing high efficiency heads in your shower as well as motion sensors on your sinks. Consider installing sink aerators as well – these can reduce the flow of water by 1.5 gallons/minute.

Another major use of water in a hotel is laundry. Implementing a well run linen reuse program can save you 17% in laundry costs. Upgrading to ENERGY STAR equipment and training your staff to wash only full loads of laundry are also good places to make changes and reduce water costs.

In your kitchen, upgrades in equipment alone will reduce usage by about 10%. Train your kitchen staff to presoak dishes, run only fully loaded racks through the dishwasher and be conscious in general about how they use water.

One other place for reducing use and therefor cutting costs in in your landscaping. It’s best to water the lawn early in the morning or late in the evening, and only for 15 minutes at a time. Rain barrels make a fun addition to any landscape plan, allowing you to catch rain (free water) that can be stored and used later!

Reduce Restaurant Water Costs
Booster Heaters, Energy Savings & Money Savings, Hot Water

Cut Water Costs: How to Reduce Expenses in a Restaurant

Running a profitable restaurant requires more than creating delicious meals.

You need to watch your bottom line and reduce expenses too. Cutting water costs is a great place to start. Restaurant owners know to stay on the lookout for ways to save. Running a watertight ship is essential to keep your place afloat. Without watching utility costs, you could be flushing water down the drain. Here’s how to cut your water costs and boost those profit margins.

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hotel water costs
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Tons of Super-Simple Tips for Reducing Hotel Water Usage & Costs


You simply can’t afford to keep ignoring your hotel water usage – not just for your profit margin, but also for the environment.

You’ve got a lot more than just rooms to manage. There’s the kitchens, multiple public and in-suite bathroom facilities, pools and hot tubs, laundry, cooling, heating and landscaping. All of these places use incredible amounts of water, and if you don’t understand how quickly those water usage costs can add up, then your hotel could be missing out on some serious money. Learn how to reduce water usage and potentially improve your bottom line in the process.

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eco-friendly hotel
Energy Savings & Money Savings

How To Attract Guests To Your Hotel
with Eco-Friendly Practices

Green practices in hotels are on the rise and your business can benefit from joining the ranks.  

Going green can mean a lot of big changes or a few small ones — but even a little goes a long way. Understanding how to attract guests to your hotel isn’t always easy, but we recommend trying these eco-friendly practices to help set you apart from the competition and appeal to the growing number of sustainability savvy travelers.

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how to reduce energy costs running faucet
Energy Savings & Money Savings

How to Reduce Energy Costs at Your Hotel

The biggest costs might be the most obvious, but the low-cost solutions you can implement might be easy to do.

Many hotel guests look forward a long, hot shower after a day’s activity. They’ll let the steam go for a while and take an extra-long time under the water. It’s relaxing for the guest but it can be frustrating for the owner that’s paying for all that hot water going down the drain. Energy costs are the largest expenditure for hotels next to staff costs. They are also more manageable for those owners that want to know how to reduce energy costs and are willing to implement solutions dedicated to saving a little money.

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