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Is your retirement community keeping up with current trends? Owners and managers of senior living facilities need to be up to date with the latest innovations and challenges.

A current challenge is the projected lack of senior housing for today’s baby boom generation. These seniors are living longer and want options like holistic care, greater flexibility and homes that care about sustainability.

NORCS, or Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities, are communities that have grown up around long term residents – people who have aged together in the same place.  Many of them take place in urban areas – classically with residents in the same building – but rural areas can have NORCS as well.

Another issue of today’s retirement community is in-home care vs. assisted living. Assisted living offers more flexibility and is often more affordable. However, a senior with serious health issues should consider moving into a facility where they can be monitored 24 hours a day.

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Recruiting Retired Renters: Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

Renting is no longer just for college kids and young executives.

Baby Boomers are hitting retirement age and drawn to the convenience of renting. Here’s what every building owner needs to know.The face of the senior market is changing rapidly. As Baby Boomers hit retirement age, many are seeking the convenience and sense of community found in rental properties.

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The Benefits of In-Home Care vs. Assisted Living Facilities

There are many things to consider when choosing a future for your loved ones. Take the time to do some research!

The traditional idea of elderly persons moving into nursing homes toward the end of their lives is fading fast. Seniors live longer these days and they want more options for how to spend their twilight years. Nursing homes have evolved into assisted care facilities, while in-home care has made a comeback thanks to specialized training and advances in technology. Choosing the best option for yourself or your loved ones requires taking some time to ask questions, to talk about difficult things, and to consider your options.

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Current Research Suggests Future Lack of Housing For Seniors

How do we keep up with senior living trends to meet the demands for housing in the growing senior community?

Over 75 million people were born during the Baby Boom—the post World War II generation that stretches from 1946 through 1964. Many Baby Boomers are already starting to look into their options for assisted healthcare, and many more will be within the next decade. More potential customers means that healthcare centers that act now can prepare to capitalize on the rise in eligible customers. A recent study suggests that, very soon, demand for senior housing will severely exceed the supply.

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