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How to save money in your hotel or restaurant?

Restaurant owners, consider starting by taking a hard look at your food waste. Most restaurants throw out 20% of product which is almost like throwing money away. Educate your staff to pay attention to where food is being tossed, and then take steps to adjust your inventory or your portions. Can you better organize your fridge so that product is used in the order it was purchased? Consider a composting or food donation program – this move towards greater sustainability helps everyone!

Reducing energy costs can also save money. Hotel owners can implement a linen reuse program and save up to 17%. Hotels and restaurants can make upgrades to energy efficient appliances, change out lightbulbs and install low flow toilets. Train your staff to be conscious of energy use.

Lastly, staying on top of repairs can prevent small problems from becoming large ones and costing you more money in the process. Train your maintenance and housekeeping staff to always be on the lookout for anything amiss.



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Energy Savings & Money Savings

How to Reduce Energy Costs at Your Hotel

The biggest costs might be the most obvious, but the low-cost solutions you can implement might be easy to do.

Many hotel guests look forward a long, hot shower after a day’s activity. They’ll let the steam go for a while and take an extra-long time under the water. It’s relaxing for the guest but it can be frustrating for the owner that’s paying for all that hot water going down the drain. Energy costs are the largest expenditure for hotels next to staff costs. They are also more manageable for those owners that want to know how to reduce energy costs and are willing to implement solutions dedicated to saving a little money.

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Hotels & Hospitality, Industry News & Tips

Make Your Hotel Property More Profitable With Preventative Maintenance

Is doing a little work now worth not having to call in expensive experts during an emergency? In the long term, yes.

Benjamin Franklin famously said “A stitch in time saves nine.” The saying is about taking steps now to prevent problems in the future. More often than not, big issues start as little ones, so taking time to resolve little issues before they become big ones can save time, effort and, most importantly to your hotel property: money. The stich in this case is called preventative maintenance. The nine refers to the other stitches you’ll have to make by skipping preventative maintenance.

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Industry News & Tips, Restaurants

Reducing Restaurant Food Waste: 9 Tips for Food Waste Solutions

Smart restaurant owners can use these great tips to address the problem of food waste and reduce the amount of product that ends up in the dumpster out back.

Restaurant food waste comes from several sources. It may be food that spoils because it’s been in your kitchen too long. It may be food that drops on the floor and becomes unsanitary to serve. It may be food that your customers send back, either uneaten or as scraps of a satisfying meal. Whatever the source, reducing food waste will improve several parts of your business. It saves you money, gives back to the community and can even bring in some good press for a new restaurant or a rebranding.

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