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Sustainability can sometimes be all about teamwork! Implementing new and different practices in your business, cultivating employee buy-in at work and making plans for a more sustainable community in your commercial rental property all take time and effort! But they can also deliver some great rewards.

If you own rental property and sustainability is your aim, consider the intentional creation of a community geared toward sustainable practices. It could be a real draw for new tenants – who will be actively engaged with their rental home and therefor potentially care more about your property. The development of a community garden at your apartment complex can get people working together for a common cause – building teamwork and even potentially increasing the amount of rent you can get!

If you are another type of business owner, it’s important to get your employees to care about your company’s pledge to go green.  Figure out ways to incentivize your staff to stick with the green initiative. Remind them that things like “reduce, reuse, recycle” which we are all familiar with is an easy place to start!

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How To Go Green To Expand Your Business

The decision has been made: your company is going green.

It’s a positive move and everyone is pretty excited. You and your fellow business leaders are enthusiastic: risks were calculated and your profits will no doubt increase. Your employees are enthusiastic because green business practices is something they all agree on. It increases the sense of community and everyone wants to do their part. Together, you’re all making great strides forward into the 21st century.

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Building a Green Community: Cultivating Tenant Buy-In

The benefits of a sustainable community will be noticeable to both your tenants and to you, as property owners/managers.

If you’re anything like us, you’re thinking about the future—about sustainability, responsibility and community. As an environmentally aware apartment/condo owner or manager, you’re doing your best to up your sustainable community and reduce your building’s carbon footprint.

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