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Is your hotel or other business in need of tips for going green? There are several small steps a hotel can take to be sustainable, both for the energy savings and the marketing angle. Customers love to see a business making an effort to invest in the environment, and it’s an easy way to distinguish from the competition when new hotels come to town!

One way hotels can save on water and water bills is with a linen reuse program. Put up signs in your guest rooms asking people to indicate whether or not they want their towels and linens washed each day or just when they are dirty. Installing low-flow toilets, sinks and shower heads is another great way to save water – but it does take a larger up-front investment.

When your hotel or business decides to make the leap into greater sustainability, it’s important to communicate these changes to your staff and make sure everyone is on board!

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Hotels & Hospitality, Industry News & Tips

Prepare for Competition: How to Survive When New Hotels Come to Town

We have a few tips for how established hotels can stay ahead of new hotel competition.

There will always be new competition for your clientele. Whether your hotel exists in a tourist town, near an airport or other public transportation, or in a drive-through city that resides along the route of a popular road trip, your hotel can’t rest on its laurels for long. Newcomers always challenge decade-long-standing hotels—all thanks to novelty. Hotels with a few years under their belts can do a few things to push back against new hotel competition and fight to stay on top of the market.

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Energy Savings & Money Savings

How To Attract Guests To Your Hotel
with Eco-Friendly Practices

Green practices in hotels are on the rise and your business can benefit from joining the ranks.  

Going green can mean a lot of big changes or a few small ones — but even a little goes a long way. Understanding how to attract guests to your hotel isn’t always easy, but we recommend trying these eco-friendly practices to help set you apart from the competition and appeal to the growing number of sustainability savvy travelers.

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