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The food industry is constantly cycling through new trends, innovations and ideas to beat out the competition. So what are some current trends, and how might they help you and your business?

Do you have a to-go ordering system? This can be a great way to increase sales, but you have to do it right! If you are just starting out consider services like GrubHub to help spread the word (and your food.) Make your menu simple, and make sure the pick up process is easy for everyone.

Thinking about opening a food truck to complement your brick and mortar space? Or maybe as a first venture? Consider the pros and cons before you buy that restaurant on wheels!

And beverage industry trends play into the restaurant business too – right now Nitro beers are rising to the top of the list. Consider that these beer require their own dedicated tap to pour before deciding to feature one at your restaurant.

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Is Food Truck Culture Right For Your Restaurant?

The number of food trucks is on the rise and that’s a good sign for the restaurant industry as a whole.

The popularity of food trucks is soaring and shows no signs of slowing down. Budding chefs and restaurateurs once saw food trucks as a novel way to enter into the culinary industry without a brick and mortar investment. Now, even established eateries are embracing food trucks for a variety of reasons. Before you starting truck shopping or coming up with punny names for your menu, consider the benefits and the challenges of operating a food truck connected to your restaurant. Here’s what every restaurateur needs to know about the trend.

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Nitro or Cask Beer: What’s the Difference?

Let’s take a look at both and see where the differences make things interesting.

Bars and breweries have plenty of options to deliver delicious brews. Bottles and cans get shipped to stores. Taprooms bring fresh kegs of new brews direct to thirsty masses. The trusty CO2 tap can be found in nearly every tavern across the world, but there are other ways to deliver unique flavors at a brewery. One method, nitro beer, uses nitrogen in the carbonation of their beers rather than the traditional carbon dioxide. The other, cask beers, brings back the brewing tradition of cracking a cask of beer and drinking it during the prime of its life. Is one better than the other?

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