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Interested compost as a waste disposal method for your restaurant, hotel or other business but need a lot more information?

Composting is an environmentally friendly practice that will allow for the disposal of your food waste while keeping it out of the landfill! It also creates a nutrient rich product for you to use in your landscaping. (For free!) The science of compost can be complex, but the main ingredients needed are nitrogen and carbon. Critical elements are temperature (not too hot but not too cold) moisture (again, somewhere in the middle) and proper air circulation.

Finding the right place to put a compost pile can be tricky – especially in the middle of the city. You may want to look into a commercial composting business or an organic farm operation – some place that would come take your leftover food scraps and compost them offsite. You could also consider vermicomposting – keeping your compost in containers inhabited by little worms that eat their way through your food and make it into compost!

commercial composting
Energy Savings & Money Savings

Can’t Compost? Think Again! Commercial Composting Options for Your Restaurant

Love the idea of composting your restaurant food waste, but can’t make it happen on-site? Consider commercial composting!

There’s no need to compromise your values and commitment to the environment just because your restaurant or small business is unable to compost. Composting companies offer an inventive service to help with your food waste reduction efforts. And we’ve got a couple more out-of-the-box strategies to help you recycle your food leftovers.

(Post updated with new information on 5/23/17.)

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