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Water heater equipment can fail – and it will. It is not a matter of if, but when. Commercial water heaters will begin to show signs of failure, signaling to the owner when the end is near. To avoid disaster, it is smart to know these warning signs. Water heater failure can be dangerous, resulting in explosions, lack of hot water, equipment damage, and more. When water heater failure occurs and your commercial water heater equipment is no longer functional, you risk having angry tenants that cannot use their hot water, or angry staff that cannot do their jobs. Water heater failure is inevitable, so it is better to be prepared and ready to handle when the time failure happens. Reliable Water Services offers unbeatable commercial equipment rental plans with 24/7 service call coverage. No matter where your commercial water heater is and when it fails, Reliable Water Services will be there to fix or replace your equipment.

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How To Ensure Your Water Heater Never Goes Down

How great would it be if your business never experienced downtime due to a broken water heater?

That’s where water heater redundancy comes in. So what does it mean to have redundancy in your water heating system?

No, we’re not talking about the phrase “hot water heater,” though that’s definitely an example of redundancy! In this case, water heater “redundancy” essentially means having one or more backup water heaters in place that are configured to work automatically in case one (or more) of your water heater(s) fail.

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6 Early Signs of Water Heater Failure

Know these early signs of water heater failure. You may be able to prevent a water heater failure emergency before it happens.

If you run a restaurant, hotel or apartment building, just thinking about a “no hot water” situation might make you panic. No dishwashers or no showers? No thank you! After all, you need hot water to run your business. Remember: your commercial water heater is a mechanical piece of equipment. So it’s not a matter of if your water heater will fail—it’s a matter of when. Eventually, all water heaters fail.

But you can be prepared. Look for these early signs of water heater failure—and learn what to do when your commercial water heater is acting up. Read on!

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