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One thing that Reliable’s technicians need is the best water heater training in their industry. Without the proper training, there’s no way to trust our technicians as some of the best in the business, thus rendering our customer service promise useless. Water heater training comes as a necessary aspect of our service as a company. Reliable Water Services provides commercial water heater equipment rental along with repair and replacement service plans. Hot water emergencies can happen at any time of day or night, so our service plans are not limited to prime time hours. With 24/7 access to our emergency service calls, our trained technicians will be sent to your business as the call comes in. This technique limits your hot water downtime and ensures that your customers, staff, guests, or tenants don’t have to wait for their hot water. Trust Reliable’s water heater trained technicians to take care of all of your water heater needs, providing the best commercial water heater service in the greater Midwest area.

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Water Heater Maintenance Cost/Benefit Analysis: How Important is Maintenance?

More down time = more money down the drain!

We’ve already talked about the risks involved when you trust your maintenance crew with your commercial water heater in our Hot Water How To: Trust a Trained Technician post. This time around, let’s discuss the real cost/benefit analysis of using your existing maintenance crew to service your water heater vs. renting a water heater (which includes free service on your heater by a guaranteed-trained water heater technician). It can mean the difference between days without hot water or just a few hours.

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exploding water heater
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Your Water Heater Can EXPLODE! Mythbusters, Revisited

Mythbusters confirmed it. Everything you need to know about exploding water heaters!

Hot water is as simple as turning on a faucet—it’s a basic part of living as a human being in the developed world. It hasn’t always been that easy though. Before the modern standard of water heating units in every building and home, hot water was considered a luxury; it was not a necessity, nor a standard. Happily for us modern folk, hot water is readily available and no longer a luxury.

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Hot Water How To: Trust a Trained Technician

A trained water heater technician is immediately aware of the most suitable option and can source it directly.

You’re out of hot water. As a decision maker at your business, you rely on your dedicated maintenance crew to fix all the little (and big) breakdowns that come with your day-to-day operations. But when it comes to keeping your commercial hot water supply steady and solid, there’s just no substitute for a trained water heater technician. I’m talking big savings in time and money – and that’s a must if you want to keep your operation running successfully.

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