rent a water heater

Why Would Anyone Rent a Water Heater?

With so many great reasons to rent, why wouldn’t you make this choice?

When people ask “What do you do?” the short answer is simple – HOT water! More specifically, Reliable Water Services rents commercial water equipment – water heaters, boilers, softeners & more – to businesses that need it. The question that typically follows is “Why would anyone rent a water heater?”

To that we say, “Why would anyone not rent a water heater?”

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Commercial water equipment is pricey! Much more so than the residential heaters found at hardware stores. Renting alleviates the upfront cost of equipment and often install too—and replacement is included when the equipment fails.

rent a water heaterBut renting also includes ongoing service coverage on that equipment. And for businesses that depend on hot water to stay in operation, that ongoing service coverage is crucial, because their livelihood depends on having hot water available exactly when they need it. Unfortunately, a water heater will typically break down at the worst time: when it’s in high demand and stressed from constant use. We know that outages impact different businesses in different ways:

Apartment Buildings. Tenants expect hot water. They need to shower NOW and if they don’t have plenty of hot water when they need it – you’ll be hearing from all of them until it’s fixed. Then who’s stressed?

Restaurants. In a restaurant, a water heater breakdown typically results in a complete shutdown:  no hot water means no clean dishes and potential health issues. And that’s no good for anyone.

Healthcare & Assisted Living Centers. Hot water is essential. The kitchen needs it. The residents need it for bathing. And then there’s the laundering of all the bedding and towels for the entire facility. Not having hot water simply isn’t an option – elderly residents are a vulnerable population that can be put at risk without adequate hot water.

These are just a few of the types of businesses we work with. Salons can’t wash hair without angering their clients – or at least making them cold and uncomfortable. Hotels end up with unwashed & therefore unhappy guests, plus a backlog of laundry. Breweries and Manufacturing facilities have to pause production.

Howrent a water heater would an outage impact your business? And what would that impact cost you – and your reputation?

In service industries, your reputation is everything—so protect it. We’re on-call for our customers 24/7, 365 days a year to quickly fix problems that inevitably occur. Our trained staff, partnerships with qualified service technicians, and unparalleled access to parts and equipment, means we’re in the best position to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Give Reliable Water Services a call today at 800-356-1444 and see why it pays to rent a water heater. (Plus, we also lease boilers, HVAC and so much more!)

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