Apartment Buildings

Cold showers make for unhappy tenants and overwhelmed building owners!

Whether you own a few multifamily buildings or a huge apartment complex with hundreds of units, hot water is a necessity throughout the property. If your building’s hot water systems stop working, the water runs cold, and tenants get upset. Avoid the dreaded tenant call with support from Reliable Water Services. 

We’re Here to Heed the Call 24/7

No hot water is no joke (and no way to live)! Luckily, Reliable Water Services is here to help you and your tenants any time and any day. No matter when tenants call you—4 am or 4 pm—we provide 24-hour emergency water heater service, 7 days a week. It’s never an inconvenience! 

We know a steady stream of hot water is essential all year round. On cold winter days here in the Midwest, it’s especially crucial. Let us help you keep your tenants’ showers, sinks, and washing machines flowing with plenty of reliable hot water.

Two apartment buildings at Prospect Terrace Apartments in Milwaukee sit in the shadow of a tall office building.

We Can Help You Find the Right-Size Water Heater

Different-sized buildings have different water heating requirements. At Reliable Water Services, we know the hot water specifications for any size apartment building and the best commercial water heating systems for every type of apartment complex. Keep your entire building happy with the water temperature.

Apartment buildings have unique hot water needs. Does your building have a pool? On-site laundry room? Hydronic radiant heating? The amount of water a building needs varies based on size and amenities. You might need multiple types of equipment—water heaters, boilers, circulating pumps, water softeners, and filtration equipment.

Reliable Water Services has all your commercial water equipment needs covered. Whether you manage a few studio apartments or several high-rise properties with hundreds of tenants, we’ll help you find the best water heating equipment for your building with a wide choice of options.

Apartment Building Service Plans Help Landlords Minimize Downtime

Like most pieces of equipment, water heaters eventually fail. Of course, we’d love to say you’ll never have a hot water emergency, but life happens. When that day comes, you don’t need to worry! A single phone call sets the Reliable Water Services process in motion.

Our trained water heater technicians arrive quickly, armed with complete knowledge of commercial water heating systems for apartments – no matter if your building has a single water heater, multiple water heaters, or a boiler system. Our technicians will arrive aware of the type of equipment covered at your property. They’ll have the needed tools and parts in tow.

Once they arrive, they get to work quickly and efficiently. In most cases, we can restore water within just a few hours. Because we come prepared, we fix hot water issues fast. If you need new water heaters, we can usually have new equipment installed in hours, not in a few days or next week. Tenants can go back to their routine and stop bombarding you with calls. It’s a win-win! Renting your water heater equipment helps to keep your equipment costs steady in the long run and tenants happily in hot water 24/7.

Our Smart Rental Plans Include:


No upfront equipment costs – it’s all part of the package!


Our plumber or yours? Either way, the installation cost is covered!

Service Calls

Call 1-800-356-1444 for emergency water heater service, day or night.


Whenever your water heater fails, we replace it—fast.

Learn More

See all plans and services, or get a free quote.

Water Heater Down?

Water heater leaking? No hot water? When a hot water emergency disrupts your business, call us any time, day or night.

Our team is ready to fix or replace your broken water heating equipment, whenever you need us. 


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