Ideal for Indianapolis Area Businesses


Ideal for Indianapolis Area Businesses




No upfront equipment costs – it’s all part of the package!




Our plumber or yours? Either way, the installation cost is covered!

24/7 Service


24/7 Service

Call 1-800-356-1444 for emergency water heater service, day or night.




Whenever your water heater fails, we replace it—fast.



24/7 Emergency Water Repairs​

Indy, we have your back! Faster than the motor speedway, we’ll answer the call for emergency services and hot water repairs. We know that Indianapolis is the center of commerce and hospitality in the Midwest. From conventions to great food, you need hot water! We'll come prepared to fix your type of water heater to help you resolve major issues fast.

A pool of water leaks out from the base of a white water heater unit.

Worry-Free 24/7 Service and Replacement Plans

When your water heater runs cold, don’t worry—if you have a service and replacement plan with Reliable Water Services, replacement and service are simple. We’re ready to support the hardworking business owners of Indy with affordable water solutions, including new water heater installation if you have a broken water heater.

Several large commercial water heaters are installed against a wall, with pipes leading up to the ceiling.

Commercial Water Heating Equipment Rental

Starting a hotel? Running a restaurant? Managing apartments? We can help you keep costs down with commercial water-heating equipment rentals throughout Indiana. Water heater rental is the best choice for an affordable, low-risk option to get hot water now, with free estimates and ways to help you save on your utility bill, too.

Two men shake hands over a table with blueprints. One man is holding a yellow hard hat under his arm.

Equipment Sizing Recommendations

The water heating needs of a convention center are quite different from a quaint B&B. At Reliable Water Services, we’re here to help you with the best option and perfect-size equipment for your business and situation. We have scalable options for commercial use, so you can afford to grow.

Water Heaters & Equipment

Water Heater Down?

When your water heater goes down and the water temperature goes cold, we show up right away! Indy, you can reach out to Reliable Water Services at any time!

24/7 Indianapolis Repairs:

Hot Water for Your Business Is Our Business

Between cars, sports, and brewing, Indy has a reputation for fun. But you’d be remiss to overlook our cultural side—with concerts, a thriving art scene, and some of the best museums in the world, Indianapolis is truly a gem. As the state capital and the heart of commerce, Indy is also home to some serious business.

Reliable Water Services is the dependable solution for all of Indy’s commercial endeavors with maintenance and water heater replacement services. Between agriculture, education, and healthcare, Indy has it all, and Reliable is here to make sure that all those commercial endeavors have hot water!

Reach out to learn about water heaters, water softeners, and RTUs in Indianapolis!

Our Territory

Reliable Water Services has locations in Wisconsin, Indiana, and surrounding areas of the Upper Midwest. We’ve been in business for decades, starting out as a division of the Wisconsin Gas Company. We know the Midwest and are ready to meet your needs for water heaters, boilers, water softeners, rooftop units, and supporting equipment, repairs, and services with affordable rental and service plans.

Map of midwest states in yellow and green show Reliable Water Services' service area.

Keeping Indy Running

Hardworking Indianapolis business owners know they can turn to Reliable Water Services for all their commercial hot water equipment service needs.

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