Senior Care Facility Water Heaters

The safety and comfort of your facility’s residents depend on access to hot water.

When you’re serving a vulnerable population, like older adults, hot water is vital to their health and well-being. Hot water isn’t just important to keeping your seniors clean, happy, and comfortable – it’s also critical for their protection from germs and infectious diseases. Senior care isn’t an area where you can make do with cold water or an unreliable water supply. 

Protection for Every Aspect of Senior Care

There are so many aspects of senior care that require careful attention to water temperature and a steady supply to meet high demand. For example, health codes for laundry and bedding sanitization require water at a minimum of 140° F. Dishes and kitchen equipment may require water that reaches 180° F to meet disinfection protocols. On the other hand, bathing water for residents must never exceed 120° F. To meet these qualifications, your water heating system must be in tip-top shape. 

At senior care facilities, keeping elderly residents comfortable, safe, and healthy is of the utmost importance, and for that, you need constant access to a steady supply of hot water. Cleaning and sanitizing is the name of the game when it comes to mitigating germs and illness.

A man wearing light blue scrubs is pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair along the sidewalk in front of a large senior living complex.

With a vulnerable population like seniors, there’s no margin for error in water heater service. A food-borne illness or a virus can be a critical situation. Even a brief hot water outage during cold weather can put your clients in a dangerous position. Water heater problems should never put someone at risk.

Hot Water You Can Depend On

Our Reliable Water Services experts are here to ensure that a hot water outage at your senior care facility is never an issue for long. We are available 24/7 to address any emergency with your commercial water heater right away. If a water heater goes down or a heating element stops working, you can expect a resolution in a matter of hours, not days—especially crucial in senior care.

Our team can help you choose the best equipment and the right size for your facility and situation. We’ll help ensure all your water heating equipment is efficiently sized to meet your needs and temperature requirements. Our water heater experts can assess exactly what’s needed for your facility building or campus to make sure you have the equipment to fit.

Because we offer flexible water heater rental and service plans, your entire facility is protected from equipment failure and high water heating costs. Should something go wrong, we’ll be there to address it immediately and provide a water heater replacement if needed. We understand that operating a healthcare facility without hot water is NEVER an option.

Meeting the Needs of Senior Care

No matter what water heating equipment you have—water heaters, boilers, storage tanks, water softeners, and more—we’ll keep them up and running safely and efficiently. Your maintenance team and staff members are dedicated to caring for the needs of your clientele (not troubleshooting hot water equipment).

When we get a call, it’s our top priority to address the outage as quickly as possible. One call to our excellent customer service team starts our service process in motion. Our technicians arrive at your facility prepared. They know the type of water heater, equipment, and boilers in your building, and they come equipped with the right parts and tools for repair.

If the problem isn’t fixable and you need a replacement, new equipment is typically in place within hours and before the problem escalates. Your senior residents rely on you to ensure their hot water access is ready and safe. You can depend on Reliable Water Services to be there for your organization when you need us.

Our Smart Rental Plans Include:


No upfront equipment costs – it’s all part of the package!


Our plumber or yours? Either way, the installation cost is covered!

Service Calls

Call 1-800-356-1444 for emergency water heater service, day or night.


Whenever your water heater fails, we replace it—fast.

Learn More

See all plans and services, or get a free quote.

Water Heater Down?

Water heater leaking? No hot water? When a hot water emergency disrupts your business, call us any time, day or night.

Our team is ready to fix or replace your broken water heating equipment, whenever you need us. 


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