Brewery Water Heaters

We offer hot water solutions for whatever you’re brewing.

From hoppy IPAs to dark stouts, there are many different kinds of beer out there. With over 2,000 craft breweries dreaming up beverages in the United States (and many of them right here in the Midwest), there’s practically endless variety. But all breweries share a commonality: a need for consistent, dependable hot water!

Take the Worry Out of Hot Water

Your brewery is a labor of love! It’s home to unique beer, seasonal brews, and specialty recipes. We get it! To give the people what you want requires a constant focus on your craft, dreaming up the next brew. So, the last thing you should worry about is a hot water outage.

Never fear! We’re here to help your brewery run as efficiently as possible with a reliable source of hot water. Carefully calibrated processes and specialized brewing equipment present challenges, but we will help you rise to the occasion. At Reliable Water Services, we know how to keep your hot water flowing with a hot water system.

A woman wearing protective eyewear is shown working in a brewery space.

Brewing Equipment for All-Sizes

Whether running a small-batch artisan brewery or a sizeable commercial brewing leader, you need a constant supply of gallons of hot water. Breweries of all sizes have hot water needs that span far beyond brewing.

The sanitizing of tanks and bottle machines requires quick and steady access to a large supply of high-temperature water. Water temps must get up to 180 degrees for proper safety and sanitation. Production will suffer if your hot water heating equipment can’t handle the workload of high temperatures. Consistency is the key to the perfect brew.

Brewing at any size requires precise control to get water to the desired temperature. When fermenting comes to a halt, so does business. No hot water means no weekend brewery tours, no beer tastings, and no satisfied customers drinking your amazing Midwestern beer!

Don’t Let Water Heater Failure Disrupt Your Beer

Cooking grain requires hot water. Sanitizing tanks and brewing systems are hot water jobs. Nearly every step of the brewing process requires constant access to hot water at precise temperatures. Reliable Water Services knows that water heater failure could compromise your entire business (especially in this competitive industry).

Fortunately, our service techs are on-call 24/7. We’ll minimize brewery downtime to help maximize your production schedule. We know time is money, and we make it our top priority to address and fix issues quickly.

We also know you’re on a tight budget and need to maximize floor space. We’ll help you select the ideal size water heater for efficiency and compliance for your brewery. Whether you’re just starting out and need water heater equipment or you’re running an established operation, we can help you make the best choice for your brewery.

Meeting the Needs of Clients in the Midwest

Helping our clients in Wisconsin and Indiana choose the right hot water heater is our specialty—just ask our friends at Lakefront Brewery in the heart of downtown Milwaukee! We helped them find the ideal equipment for their popular brewery and can help you find yours.

Both Wisconsin and Indiana were built on the brewing industry. We’re known for those tasty, fermented beverages that everyone loves. Reliable Water Services knows that Midwesterners expect reliability, dependability, and value. We’ll help ensure you get as much water as you need to make the beer brewing process smooth.

Need equipment to handle high-volume batches on a schedule? No problem. Not sure what size equipment you need to manage your brew workflow? We can help! Equipment sizing is no guessing game. Let us help you find the right fit.

If you need other commercial water heating equipment to go with your water heater, we can help there, too! We rent and service boilers, storage tanks, water softeners, filtration systems, booster heaters for high-temp sanitizing, recirculating pumps, and more! Don’t let hard water clog up the beer production process, or the wrong temperature ruin your batch. Water filtration and other solutions can help you make sure the beer (and good times) continue to flow!

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Water Heater Down?

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Our team is ready to fix or replace your broken water heating equipment, whenever you need us. 


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