Commercial Properties

We have RTUs and water heating equipment for your commercial building needs.

Ventilation is a critical need for commercial properties. Whether you own a suburban apartment building, downtown offices, or a hotel in the country, you need to ensure that clean, fresh air is flowing in and out of your building, providing temperature control. If you have a kitchen on-site, your need for ventilation systems goes up.

Rooftop Units for Commercial Properties

Rooftop units or RTUs provide HVAC—heating, air conditioning, and ventilation—systems for the buildings below. It’s important to note that despite the name, not all rooftop HVAC units end up on building roofs. Many go on the wall or another appropriate spot where they can release air from your building, as well as bring in fresh air, known as make-up air, to compensate for equipment. 

In addition to RTUs, we also offer water heaters, softeners, and other commercial equipment you need to ensure that you have hot water and safe air in your building. Many commercial building owners may discover that they need multiple RTUs along with water heating and softening equipment, depending on the businesses and services you offer. 

For example, if your building has retail tenants, individual units, a pool, a cafeteria, or laundry services, you may require specialized water heating equipment, as well as several RTUs and climate control systems. 

Several colorful storefront buildings line a city street.

Whether you’re planning to build a new commercial building, renovating an existing building, or simply hoping to consolidate your services for cost savings and efficiency, reach out to our experts. We can help determine the specific needs of a building or space and the type of system you need for efficient environmental control.

Rental and Service Agreements Streamline Costs and Maintenance

When you work with Reliable Water Services, you can rest assured that our technicians are available 24/7. When you make the call, we get the ball rolling on your service or repair. We know that a business can’t operate without essential access to hot water, ventilation, and a cooling system for temperature control.

Because we provide easy and cost-effective rental and service agreements, you know that your technician will arrive prepared for your job and the equipment at your building. RTUs may vary significantly between manufacturers and applications, but we will have what you need to restore service efficiently.

When it comes to water heater repair and regular maintenance, we’ve got you covered for any commercial application. Our rental agreements are an affordable option to ensure that your building never has to leave customers or clients in the cold. We’ll help you ensure that water heater outages are repaired as quickly as possible—often a matter of hours, not days.

Serving Businesses in the Midwest

We serve commercial businesses throughout Wisconsin and Indiana. We know that the Midwest can feature rapid shifts in temperature. Needs can change between the hot summers and the icy winters. But no matter what the area or season throws your way, we’ll help you stay comfortable with lower operating costs and efficient options for commercial spaces.

If your commercial building features a gym, pool, laundry facility, or kitchen, we’ll help you keep your services working with hot water year-round. Need extra hot water for sanitizing equipment? We can help you with that, too. We’ll size equipment to ensure you have all the capacity you need.

For rooftop units, there’s often some redundancy. If one unit goes out, you may still have several that work. But we’ll help you make sure everyone doesn’t have to huddle in the warm or cool side of the building. With fast, efficient service, we’ll keep your rooftop units doing their job when you need them to. Reach out today to ensure your commercial property has the services it needs for all the activities on site.

Our Smart Rental Plans Include:


No upfront equipment costs – it’s all part of the package!


Our plumber or yours? Either way, the installation cost is covered!

Service Calls

Call 1-800-356-1444 for emergency water heater service, day or night.


Whenever your water heater fails, we replace it—fast.

Learn More

See all plans and services, or get a free quote.

Water Heater Down?

Water heater leaking? No hot water? When a hot water emergency disrupts your business, call us any time, day or night.

Our team is ready to fix or replace your broken water heating equipment, whenever you need us. 


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