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Building upgrades are a great way to add value to your property, refurbish old buildings that have gone unused or need refreshing, and add appeal to new customers, renters, tenants, and more. Whether you’re upgrading and old building in an up-and-coming neighborhood or renovating a modern building for more efficient use, easy upgrades are a great place to start when looking for new and improved customer appeal. Building upgrades can include simple measures like new flooring, paint indoors or outdoors, landscaping, and other cosmetic renovations. Building upgrades can also include structure fixes like foundation and roofing work, or mechanical updates like improved equipment and more efficient systems that convert your building to a green, environmentally friendly option.

When looking to upgrade and update equipment, do not forget about your water heater! Old and worn-out water heaters are more at-risk for failure than new and updated equipment. Water heater failure can not only be inconvenient and costly but can also be dangerous and deadly (water heater explosions are real!). When you begin making building upgrades, consider giving Reliable Water Services a call. We can come out and look at your existing water heater equipment and give you a professional and commitment-free consultation on new equipment, as well as reliable advice on sizing, rental plans, commercial requirements, and more! Reliable services plans come with many amenities that make renting and insuring commercial equipment a smart idea in case of failure. Don’t be left in cold water – call Reliable Water Services today.

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Energy Savings & Money Savings

How to Market an Apartment: Making Small Studios Appealing

Turn a hard-to-market small studio apartment into a high-demand property with simple tips to boost the appeal.

Small studio apartments are often thought of as challenging units for property owners to fill. Striking the right balance between affordability and profitability is the challenge to finding tenants, but if the space is marketed correctly, the pool of potential renters opens up significantly. Proper marketing requires capitalizing on a product’s appeal. Small spaces offer many advantages for smart renters. All it takes is basic marketing prowess and thinking outside the (small) box.

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Hotels & Hospitality, Industry News & Tips

Prepare for Competition: How to Survive When New Hotels Come to Town

We have a few tips for how established hotels can stay ahead of new hotel competition.

There will always be new competition for your clientele. Whether your hotel exists in a tourist town, near an airport or other public transportation, or in a drive-through city that resides along the route of a popular road trip, your hotel can’t rest on its laurels for long. Newcomers always challenge decade-long-standing hotels—all thanks to novelty. Hotels with a few years under their belts can do a few things to push back against new hotel competition and fight to stay on top of the market.

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