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For a property owner, child safety should be a number one concern. When it comes to commercial properties like hotels and restaurants, child safety is an issue that should be addressed with caution and taken seriously. Property owners in the hotel and hospitality industry must make sure that certain property features like pools, parking lots, and hallways are safe for children. Make sure pool rules are posted clearly and that all equipment is functioning properly, install speed limit signs in the parking lot, and make sure that there are signs posted in the hallways advising parents to not let their children run around in the hallways.

Residential property owners, like apartment managers, can take child safety precautions to increase the appeal and value of their property to possible new renters. Features like a security system, updated locks, and gated areas increase property security. Additionally, plenty of grass and open spaces for children to play, and accessible and safe playgrounds will appeal to families looking to rent or live in your complex.

Reliable Water Services aims to share more knowledge than just water heaters. Commercial businesses must take child safety into consideration and doing so will only increase their appeal to a wider range of customers.

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Managing a Child-Safe Property: Attract Families to Your Rentals

Attract renters by ensuring your properties are kid-friendly and child-safe!

Property owners know, every apartment must be safe for every age (and the Fair Housing Act protects all families who wish to rent). Rather than looking at child-safety as another task on your to-do list, savvy landlords know that appealing to families is important. Families with kids are often stable, responsible renters—here’s how to create a child-safe property to attract great tenants.

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How Hotel Operators Can Prevent Pool Injuries

Regardless of intent, proper pool safety is a must for hotel operators.

The pool is one of the biggest attractions that lures guests to a hotel. A pool might be part of your fitness area, allowing travelers to keep up with their workouts, or it might be a family space, allowing parents and kids a place to splash away, even if rainy days change vacation agendas. Regardless of intent, proper pool safety is a must for hotel operators—not just to protect your establishment from bad experiences and bad reviews, but also to protect you from liability issues. Taking steps to ensure safe pool operation ahead of time frees up resources for serving guests and ensuring their experiences are the kind they’d like to repeat.

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