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Composting can provide an easy, cheap and efficient way to deal with all or some of the waste in your restaurant or small business. Looking to reduce food waste in your restaurant? Think you can’t compost on-site? Consider options like donations to food banks or shelters, vermicomposting (composting with worms), or giving leftovers to your local farmer for animal feed in addition to the on-site compost pile. If you do have the space you might wonder how to make a compost pile, and although it is a complex relationship between carbon, nitrogen, temperature and time most of the process occurs naturally. Now that you are ready to start composting, you’ll want to leave the important equipment problems like water heater installation and maintenance to the professionals at Reliable Water Services. We provide custom rental and service plans for all your water heating needs for businesses in Indiana, Wisconsin and portions of the Greater Midwest.

commercial composting
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Can’t Compost? Think Again! Commercial Composting Options for Your Restaurant

Love the idea of composting your restaurant food waste, but can’t make it happen on-site? Consider commercial composting!

There’s no need to compromise your values and commitment to the environment just because your restaurant or small business is unable to compost. Composting companies offer an inventive service to help with your food waste reduction efforts. And we’ve got a couple more out-of-the-box strategies to help you recycle your food leftovers.

(Post updated with new information on 5/23/17.)

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