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Safe drinking water is critical for human survival, but how does water become purified and safe to drink? Water moves from major sources like lakes and rivers into water treatment facilities and then through a series of pipes, or aqueducts, and then into our homes. At the treatment facility it undergoes a complex process before it gets piped out to your house. Steps include: screening (to remove large particles and contaminants), coagulation and settling, filtration (water flows through sand, gravel and anthracite coal) and then disinfection. The city takes many steps to make sure it’s drinking water is safe and tastes great. Milwaukee is careful not to let another incident, like the cryptosporidium contamination that occurred in the 90s, happen ever again. You can take additional steps to ensure the safety of your water. Don’t drink from a garden hose, and don’t hot water drink straight from the tap. Lastly, don’t flush drugs like pharmaceuticals down the drain. This contaminates water for everyone.

At Reliable Water Services, we know your businesses depend on safe, clean water. We can help to ensure that you have a consistent, steady supply of hot water when you need it. Check out our 24/7 service plans, qualified technicians and great customer service!

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