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Do you need an eco-friendly way to keep bedbugs out of your hotel? Keeping your hotel bedbug free begins with prevention. Train your staff on the tell-tale signs on an infestation, and make sure they are vigilant in their routine checks for these nasty critters.

Beds must be fully scanned for evidence, including pulling back the linens and checking around the entire mattress including the headboard. Bedbugs often live in a 15 foot radius around the bed, so the surrounding area should also be checked. The whole room should be assessed, including the nightstand and all soft furniture. Bedbugs can resemble apple seeds and small black dots.

In the event of an infestation, you have two eco-friendly options. Make sure to call in the professionals – this is not a job for amateurs! The first option is thermal remediation – this super heats the room and sweats the bugs out. The second is cryonite – a machine freezes the room to -110 degrees.

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