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Researching a high temp washer for your restaurant? Trying to decide between high temp and low temp dishwashing and sanitizing options? Read on to help inform your decision.

High temp dishwashers require – you guessed it, a high temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize those dishes. Your normal water heater should never be set that high (in general never above 120 degrees) so the high temp option requires something called a booster heater. The booster heater cranks out the hot hot water specifically and only for your high temp washing needs.

With the booster heater, you have the option of gas or electric. At Reliable Water Services, we recommend the gas option – mainly because the money savings are drastic. But the electric options do take up less space, and also don’t need to be vented. So there are a few things to consider.

Another benefit of the high temp washer is that you don’t have to worry about those sanitizing chemicals required by the low temp dishwashers. These harsh chemicals require proper training and usage, as well as a storage location. And, they are pretty tough on the environment – definitely not the “green” option.

It’s important to decide if a high temperature dishwasher is right for your business. Hopefully these articles can help with that decision!

Reduce Restaurant Water Costs
Booster Heaters, Energy Savings & Money Savings, Hot Water

Cut Water Costs: How to Reduce Expenses in a Restaurant

Running a profitable restaurant requires more than creating delicious meals.

You need to watch your bottom line and reduce expenses too. Cutting water costs is a great place to start. Restaurant owners know to stay on the lookout for ways to save. Running a watertight ship is essential to keep your place afloat. Without watching utility costs, you could be flushing water down the drain. Here’s how to cut your water costs and boost those profit margins.

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pilot light flame on booster heaters
Booster Heaters, Hot Water, Water Heater Safety, Water Heaters

Booster Heaters: Electric or Gas?

Last week on The Boiler Room, we talked about using booster heaters for hot HOT water warewasher sanitation vs. chemical sanitation without a booster heater.

Do you need a booster heater for your restaurant or other commercial establishment? You can read all about it here: To Boost or Not To Boost?

Now let’s talk electric booster heaters vs. gas booster heaters. I’m inclined to suggest you go with a gas booster heater for your restaurant, hotel, or other commercial enterprise. Here’s why…

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benefits of booster heaters
Booster Heaters, Hot Water, Water Heater Safety, Water Heaters

To Boost or Not to Boost?

If you want to go with the high-temp warewasher, a booster heater is for you.

In the business we like to avoid using the common (albeit misguided) term “hot water heater.” We prefer plain ol’ water heater. Why? Because “hot water heater” is redundant. Think about it: you don’t need to heat already hot water; you need to heat regular tap water. Get it?

But there’s one situation where “hot water heater” actually makes sense: when we’re talking booster heaters. Booster heaters “boost” already heated water (between 120°F and 140°F) all the way up to that 180°F your restaurant or other commercial application needs to sanitize without the use of chemicals.

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