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Understanding how to go green with your business can take a little research, and there are a variety of both small and large changes you can make. Small changes include changing out old lightbulbs for new CFLs, updating your toilets to be dual flush (this saves water), and create an in-house recycling program. Larger scale updates could include updating all of your appliances to be energy efficient – like dishwashers, washers & dryers, and refrigerators & freezers – just to name a few. You might also consider adding a rooftop garden or green roof. This is a great way to lower your building’s resource consumption and beautify the space at the same time.

Whatever your changes, customers will likely respond well since the environment is on everyone’s list of priorities these days. That’s why going green is good for your business – because people care about sustainability. Your image and public perception will improve by making these changes, so make sure people know about the great work you are doing!

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Energy Savings & Money Savings

How To Attract Guests To Your Hotel
with Eco-Friendly Practices

Green practices in hotels are on the rise and your business can benefit from joining the ranks.  

Going green can mean a lot of big changes or a few small ones — but even a little goes a long way. Understanding how to attract guests to your hotel isn’t always easy, but we recommend trying these eco-friendly practices to help set you apart from the competition and appeal to the growing number of sustainability savvy travelers.

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How To Go Green To Expand Your Business

The decision has been made: your company is going green.

It’s a positive move and everyone is pretty excited. You and your fellow business leaders are enthusiastic: risks were calculated and your profits will no doubt increase. Your employees are enthusiastic because green business practices is something they all agree on. It increases the sense of community and everyone wants to do their part. Together, you’re all making great strides forward into the 21st century.

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