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Want to increase profits in your restaurant? Maybe you’ve had a successful opening and you want to keep the customers coming through the door. To keep up the sales and fill up those tables check out these tips:

Be open to changing it up a bit, especially based on customer feedback. Listen to employee’s too, and reward that great team who helped you have a successful opening experience and get your restaurant off the ground.

Be willing to change up the menu, removing or adding items as time goes on. Do people love a particular special? Consider adding it to the permanent offerings. Is there one item that just doesn’t sell? Try and figure out why.

Keep looking forward to the future. Remember to keep an eye on your expenses including food waste. Notice the trends in clientele to see what might appeal to your customers. Consider a new project, like an on-site restaurant garden. Benefits include decreased overall costs, green marketing, increased customer engagement, beautification of your neighborhood and lowered carbon footprint. A win-win!

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So You Opened A Successful Restaurant. Now What?

Congratulations on your successful restaurant launch! Now, how do you build on your reputation?

All your blood, sweat, toil and tears finally paid off. Not only did you open your restaurant successfully, but you’re ready to keep going—building on your triumph. A restaurant launch is an amazing accomplishment few people ever get to experience. Congratulations! Hidden inside most achievements are the first steps to the next challenge. How do you keep the ball rolling forward once the novelty wears off? Managing a restaurant requires a different mentality and skill set than starting a business. Here are a few tips to keep in mind…

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Energy Savings & Money Savings

From Roof to Restaurant: Starting an On-site Restaurant Garden

The benefits to building a green roof or on-site farm are clear.

If you run a local restaurant, chances are you’re looking to increase your profits while decreasing costs, draw in more customers and build local support from the residents in your neighborhood. Advertising is expensive and only goes so far. An exclusive, healthy and delicious menu is ideal, but the costs associated with this add up quickly.

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