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Small motor maintenance can be an important part of keeping your commercial property, senior care facility, hotel or other business running smoothly. It’s important to make sure that all your equipment is in proper working order, particularly if you use outdoor equipment for landscaping. In winter, equipment must be properly prepared for storage.It can be helpful to make a checklist to help keep track of tasks which includes: cleaning, inspecting, sharpening blades, lubricating parts, checking spark plugs and removing batteries. For gas powered engines, this also involves draining the fuel and adding a stabilizing agent to the fuel.

Other maintenance needs happen in spring when it’s time to pull the equipment out of storage and get it ready to use for sprucing up your commercial property landscaping. Spring prep includes checking the gas, (maybe draining and replacing with fresh fuel), checking and changing oil, changing spark plugs, checking the air filter, blades and any wheels. These things may need changing, sharpening or filling.

Once you’ve done the required maintenance you can rest assured your equipment will be in great shape and ready for any job you want to do!

outdoor equipment maintenance
Energy Savings & Money Savings, Water Heater Damage

How To Winterize Outdoor Machines & Equipment


Spend a few hours winterizing your expensive outdoor equipment to make it last longer and perform better. Save money and avoid costly repairs with these maintenance tips.

Does your business have green space to maintain? Whether it’s a simple front lawn or a complex landscape design, there’s a good chance you are using some type of machinery to keep the grass and other vegetation looking trimmed and tidy. When winter approaches, don’t forget that those outdoor machines require extra attention before storing them for the season. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in ensuring they are working properly when you need them again in spring!

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