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Concerned with restaurant water usage and associated costs? All restaurant owners want to keep margins low and profits high, and cutting back on utility bills such as water can make a big difference. Of course, water use is an integral part of the restaurant kitchen and overall functionality, but these water saving tips can help.

Consider installing foot operated pedal sinks in the kitchen and motion detectors on sinks in your restrooms. Upgrade to ENERGY STAR rated equipment if possible. When washing dishes, use a high temp dishwasher and pre-soak dishes in hot water. Train your staff to only wash fully loaded racks of dishes, and to thaw food in the fridge rather than under running water. Train your customers to ask for water when they want it – a lot of drinking water goes down the drain! Lastly, make sure to repair leaks immediately because they are costing you.

Following these tips should bring additional conservation to your restaurant water usage amounts!

Reduce Restaurant Water Costs
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Cut Water Costs: How to Reduce Expenses in a Restaurant

Running a profitable restaurant requires more than creating delicious meals.

You need to watch your bottom line and reduce expenses too. Cutting water costs is a great place to start. Restaurant owners know to stay on the lookout for ways to save. Running a watertight ship is essential to keep your place afloat. Without watching utility costs, you could be flushing water down the drain. Here’s how to cut your water costs and boost those profit margins.

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Does your restaurant water heater meet industry standards and regulations? Here are a few of the key things you need to know to keep your restaurant in the clear with codes and regulations!
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Restaurant Hot Water Requirements: Is Your Restaurant Hitting the Mark?

Do you know which components of your restaurant kitchen’s hot water infrastructure are regulated under the FDA’s Food Code?

The Food Code sets the guidelines for each individual state’s food codes, and specifies restaurant hot water requirements for warewashers and sinks. Understand these critical components of food sanitation and make sure your water heater is meeting hot water requirements. Hot water plays an important role in keeping your doors open to the public, so let’s make sure you are up to code!

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