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Running a hotel? Wondering what to do about beating the competition or tips for sustainability? Do you have safety concerns or questions about preventative maintenance?

If you are running a hotel that’s been in business for sometime and are worried about the new guys in town, consider refreshing your look and amenities. See what your competition is offering, and go above and beyond if possible. Going green is a great way to lure in new clientele and tackle some of those upgrades. Switching out lightbulbs and using recycled paper are easy places to start. Changing out your standard toilets for low flow, and upgrading to energy efficient appliances is a bold way to go green. A message of sustainability will make an impression on guests and your bottom line.

When it comes to hotel safety, pools may be your number one area of concern. Make sure all drains are regulated properly and that handrails are installed correctly. Also, pools must be compliant with ADA regulations. Along with safety comes preventative maintenance. This involves checking on the obvious things like plumbing, small appliances and lightbulbs as well as the less obvious things like HVAC. Preventative maintenance addresses little fixes before they become big problems.


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How Hotel Operators Can Prevent Pool Injuries

Regardless of intent, proper pool safety is a must for hotel operators.

The pool is one of the biggest attractions that lures guests to a hotel. A pool might be part of your fitness area, allowing travelers to keep up with their workouts, or it might be a family space, allowing parents and kids a place to splash away, even if rainy days change vacation agendas. Regardless of intent, proper pool safety is a must for hotel operators—not just to protect your establishment from bad experiences and bad reviews, but also to protect you from liability issues. Taking steps to ensure safe pool operation ahead of time frees up resources for serving guests and ensuring their experiences are the kind they’d like to repeat.

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Prepare for Competition: How to Survive When New Hotels Come to Town

We have a few tips for how established hotels can stay ahead of new hotel competition.

There will always be new competition for your clientele. Whether your hotel exists in a tourist town, near an airport or other public transportation, or in a drive-through city that resides along the route of a popular road trip, your hotel can’t rest on its laurels for long. Newcomers always challenge decade-long-standing hotels—all thanks to novelty. Hotels with a few years under their belts can do a few things to push back against new hotel competition and fight to stay on top of the market.

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Energy Savings & Money Savings

How To Attract Guests To Your Hotel
with Eco-Friendly Practices

Green practices in hotels are on the rise and your business can benefit from joining the ranks.  

Going green can mean a lot of big changes or a few small ones — but even a little goes a long way. Understanding how to attract guests to your hotel isn’t always easy, but we recommend trying these eco-friendly practices to help set you apart from the competition and appeal to the growing number of sustainability savvy travelers.

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Make Your Hotel Property More Profitable With Preventative Maintenance

Is doing a little work now worth not having to call in expensive experts during an emergency? In the long term, yes.

Benjamin Franklin famously said “A stitch in time saves nine.” The saying is about taking steps now to prevent problems in the future. More often than not, big issues start as little ones, so taking time to resolve little issues before they become big ones can save time, effort and, most importantly to your hotel property: money. The stich in this case is called preventative maintenance. The nine refers to the other stitches you’ll have to make by skipping preventative maintenance.

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